Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 290

Chapter 290 The Couple Offers A Toast

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Once someone mentioned that Yun Bilu had returned home, everyone gaped in shock. “Is that true? She really went home?”

“Of course, I can’t possibly lie to you. Otherwise, why haven’t we seen her for so long? If she was in her room, she would surely try to woo Young Master Huang.”

“No, our Country E is under strict governance now. Most people are unable to leave Country E. Why was Yun Bilu able to leave? How did she do it?”

“That’s right. She’s just an ordinary needy student. How could she just leave Country E? This requires high-management approval. Ahh! Could it be that she has a powerful backer?”

“She applies to be a needy student every month. All her things are shoddy. How could she possibly have a powerful backer?”

“Then why can’t the children from royal families like us leave the country? Why was she able to? She definitely has a more powerful backer than us. Oh, right. Have you met her mysterious elder sister? Her clothes and accessories were beyond compare”

It had originally been a gathering for the department, but it ultimately ended up as a discussion session about Yun Bilu. Everyone came to realize that Yun Bilu’s background was definitely not as simple as it seemed. She was perhaps more influential and powerful than all of them at the venue.

That realization sent shivers down their spines. If it were true, Yun Bilu had been too strange. She had kept a low profile, and had not been materialistic. It would be difficult to find this kind of lady nowadays.

On the second floor, Huang Yize could distinctively see the faces of everyone on the first floor of the luxurious hall. He could even hear the words of some people. His gaze was vague, giving an enigmatic expression.

Noel Harlem University in Country E was buzzing with discussion about the matter. On the contrary, the Xie family’s villa was in a harmonious environment.

Everyone sat around the table and began eating. With Yun Biluthe life of the partyaround, the mood was lively. All of them let loose and ate with gusto.

“Mum, eat more of this. This is nourishing for your body.” Yun Bixue sat beside Ji Qiongxin, constantly scooping and serving more food for her mother-in-law.

Deep down, Ji Qiongxin was extremely moved. With such a daughter-in-law, she was very contented.

In addition, after spending a long time here, she didn’t want to return home anymore. She felt comfortable and at ease here, much better than being at the Xie family’s. There were simply too many rules at the Xie family household.

They chatted over lunch. Finally, Xie Limo pulled Yun Bixue up, and they offered a toast to their elders. They started with Old Master Yun. “Grandfather, thank you for entrusting Bixue. Today is New Year’s Eve, and a happy occasion. Together with Yun Bixue, I wish to offer Grandfather a toast. I wish you health and longevity.”

Yun Bixue also felt emotional as she added, “Grandfather, it’s been hard on you for the past few years.”

“It’s not hard, not hard An old man like me can live a happy and prosperous life because of you now.”

Old Master Yun was overjoyed. Standing up, he drank the whole cup of alcohol. The rims of his eyes turned red.

Xie Limo and Yun Bixue also offered a toast to Xie Yaocang and Ji Qiongxin. His parents were thrilled. This was the only year that they felt like a family, and that they welcomed the new year together.

Following that, Yun Bilu offered a toast to her grandfather. Yun Bixue and Yun Bilu then offered one to Mummy Lu.

Overall, the lunch they enjoyed this afternoon was a joyous one.

After lunch, everyone gathered to watch the TV and play chess. They debated over the current affairs. Shortly after, they began to bustle around as they prepared the dumplings.

They chopped up the vegetables, marinated the ingredients, and cooked the noodles.

After preparing it, they placed it on a large heat board on the dining table. All the family members watched the news on the TV while wrapping the dumplings.

At that time, it was airing the politics regarding Country E. It reported that Old Marshall Ou had been demoted by the high level management in Country E. His military power had been removed, in hopes that this would appease the international Black Dragon Gang.