Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 291

Chapter 291 Brought A Boyfriend Back

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Yun Bilu had instinctively wanted to switch to Ning An City’s Channel 1, but was taken aback by this news. “I heard that Old Marshall Ou came from an influential military family. How could he be demoted and stripped off his powers so easily?”

Holding some noodles, Yun Bixue walked over to take a look. Yun Bilu continued, “Elder Sister, Old Marshall Ou is very prominent in Country E. Even the leaders of Country E are unable to control him. Every single member in his family has some military power. As he grew older, he became rather afraid of his subordinate’s merits. This time, he personally offended the Black Dragon Gang, who in turn pressured Country E. The entire country became displeased with Old Marshall Ou. This is also a good opportunity for Country E. Perhaps this was a result of the country’s higher management allying with Black Dragon Gang, or perhaps the Gang had been pressuring the country’s leaders, and the latter had no choice but to punish Old Marshall Ou in order to appease the masses.” Yun Bilu’s analysis was straight to the point and logical.

Yun Bixue was shocked. “Bilu, you know so many things.” She seemed to have neglected somethingher younger sister always seemed to have a keen mind for politics.

“I attended school in Country E, and developed my own business in the meantime. I naturally have to understand the current affairs too. Elder Sister, you don’t have to worry. This battle will never take place. Black Dragon Gang has a strong international influence. No one would dare to clash head-on with them. Even if Country E was a large and prosperous country, they would still settle this matter peacefully.”

Yun Bixue nodded. She felt that it was sufficient to just live an undisturbed life in her own country, specifically in Ning An City. She wouldn’t care about the rest.

Afterwards, Yun Bixue switched the channel to Channel 1. It was airing a joyful and upbeat program, and it added to the festive mood.

After preparing the dumplings, the sounds of the firecrackers being set off began to rang endlessly outside. Sometimes, because of the boisterous noises outside, they couldn’t even hear each other when they spoke inside the house.

Despite the new year, the Su family was cheerless. Father and Mother Su, and Su Lenghan couldn’t feel any joy at all. Snubbing them, Meng Xinyan expressed her displeasure at every other detail.

“Why isn’t your younger sister back yet? It’s almost time for dinner.”

Su Lenghan replied, “She said that she will be late, but she will be back. Mum, don’t be anxious.”

Father Su scoffed, “I wonder where she had ran off to fool around. Why should I be worried?”

Just as they were talking, Su Lengxian walked into the house together with Zhou Yang, their hands linked together. “I’m back. Let me officially introduce to everyone my boyfriend. His name is Zhou Yang.”

Mother Su was startled. Wasn’t this the person who appeared during the wedding? Moreover, this person was directly involved in the incident that completely tarnished Su Lengxian’s reputation right at the beginning!

Could the two of them have been together all along?

Father Su sat on the sofa and read the newspapers. He humphed, “He’s merely a pretty boy toy.”

Su Lengxian yelled at her father, “Even if he is, I am willing to accept him. Also, I didn’t want to come back to this home. All of you wanted me to return. I wanted to follow Zhou Yang back to his house.”

Father Su was about to fly into a rage. Meng Xinyan crossed her legs as she chomped on melon seeds. Glancing askance at Su Lengxian, she said, “Dad, why are you angry? With that reputation, it is fortunate that someone even wants her now. Why are you still being picky?”

Those words by Meng Xinyan were harsh, and it immediately pierced right through the entire family’s vulnerable spot. Even if they were reluctant to do so, they had to admit that Meng Xinyan was right.

Su Lengxian glared at Meng Xinyan, her eyes seemed to be shooting daggers at the latter. “It seems like the reputation of the second Miss of the Meng family is comparable to mine. However, your story has spread across Ning An City like wildfire. Everyone wants to contribute a word of criticism. On the other hand, I didn’t receive much backlash. It is merely that a mistress had entered our Su family. What a disgrace.”

Receiving such provocation, Meng Xinyan instantly got reminded of the horde of sarcastic comments on the Internet. She seethed, “What did you say? I am the matron of the Su family. Who do you think you are? You no longer belong to the Su family. You’re the daughter that the Su family refused to acknowledge!”