Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 292

Chapter 292 Charming Voice

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Zhou Yang stood silently by the side. His eyes were gleaming as he anticipated the entertaining show coming up.

Su Lengxian looked at Meng Xinyan’s arrogant and bossy mannerisms. She slapped away the finger that Meng Xinyan used to point at her. “Meng Xinyan, do you really think you are the matron of the Su family? Don’t forget that if you can conceive a child for my elder brother, other women can do so too. At least I am related by blood to the Su family, but you are not.”

Meng Xinyan stuck out her abdomen and retorted, “Did you see this? What is this?”

Su Lengxian’s glare grew murderous. With a sudden impulse, she lunged forward and pushed Meng Xinyan. Su Lenghan frantically stepped in front of Meng Xinyan and blocked the attack. “Lengxian, enough. You’re no longer a kid.”

Su Lenghan’s voice was loaded with austerity, and it made Su Lengxian shudder. “Elder Brother, you” Meeting Su Lenghan’s cold gaze, she was in disbelief. That distant look in his eyes instantly disheartened her.

The only remnant of affection she had left for the Su family was reserved for her elder brother, Su Lenghan. If Su Lenghan chastised her so heartlessly too, her heart would be utterly dispirited.

Mother Su was so frightened that she began breaking out into cold sweat. If Su Lengxian had really pushed Meng Xinyan to the ground, the consequences would be dire. “Lengxian, what’s wrong with you? Just because you’re leading a terrible life, you have to disrupt our family too? Can’t you just think over your actions for the sake of our family? Do you have any idea how dangerous it was just now?”

“Mum, why didn’t you stand up for me when she criticized me earlier?”

“Lengxian, if it weren’t for you, our Su family’s reputation wouldn’t be so atrocious!”

Su Lengxian scoffed, “Fine, it’s all my fault. In the future, I will never return even if all of you beg me.” After speaking, she left in a hurry. Zhou Yang immediately followed her.

Mother Su felt regret surging through her heart and wanted to go after Su Lengxian. Father Su stopped her. “She is out of control because you’ve spoiled her. Why are you chasing after her? Let’s just take it that we don’t have such a daughter!”

Father Su was in a fit of anger, and Mother Su didn’t dare to further aggravate him.

After Su Lengxian ran out, Zhou Yang caught up and began to comfort her. Adding fuel to the fire, his form of comforting her was actually adding exaggerated details about how the Su family didn’t regard her as part of their family.

This made Su Lengxian grew even more resolute with thoroughly cutting off ties with the Su family.

While Zhou Yang was comforting Su Lengxian, a person stood near the Su family’s villa. She was Li Wenhui, the nurse who recently resigned from the hospital. She naturally heard the conversation between the two.

In order to knock Meng Xinyan down, Li Wenhui racked her brains for a chance to get closer to Su Lenghan. However, after seeing the Su family’s luxurious abode, she was enticed by the authority she could have. She began cooking up a scheme in her heart.

Perhaps she could look for Su Lengxian. She would first create an opportunity to get closer to her.

Each household in Ning An City was plagued with its own problems, but it didn’t dampen the festive mood of the New Year. Endless sounds of firecrackers reverberated throughout the entire city, and scarlet lanterns were hung up high. From afar, the whole street was painted red, and it was gorgeous. The trees on the roadsides were also decorated with little multi-colored lanterns.

Many of the public squares were dressed up with festive lanterns and amusement rides. A lot of people took photos there, and there was endless cheerful chatter.

On this day, in a luxurious villa in the South, Young Master Wang from the Wang family was reviewing the information that had finally been collected. A charming glint flashed across his almond-shaped eyes. Just like a poppy flower, his eyes were loaded with a fatal attraction.

“Haha, the Xie family has attacked my Wang family?” Young Master Wang’s voice was deep and enchanting. With one word, he could easily stir up a person’s heart.

“Young Master Wang, according to the information collected, Wang Gangping acted on his own accord and tried to kill Young Master Xie. That was why he was murdered.”