Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 293

Chapter 293 Young Master Wang From The South

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Even someone who had stayed by Young Master Wang’s side for the past few years trembled in fear after hearing his words. The subordinate lowered his head and answered courteously.

Young Master Wang continuously stared at the documents in his hands. Flipping through the news regarding Ning An City in the past six months, the charming curve on his lips arched higher and higher. “So it seems that such a big incident had happened to the North.” Young Master Wang had constantly focused his attention on the South. After all, the saying goes ‘Northern Xie, Southern Wang’. This was a rule that was established after a thousand years, so neither of them interfered with each other.

Wang Gangping’s death couldn’t be ascribed to the Xie family. Strictly speaking, the members of the Wang family had stepped beyond their authority. It wasn’t uncalled for even if the Xie family sought retribution.

Moreover, Xie Limo was in Ning An City, which was located in the South. Even if he caused a stir, it was completely unrelated to the Wang family.

However, Young Master Wang harbored desire to take over his power.

“Yes, all the news have been reflected on the documents, ” his subordinate confirmed.

Young Master Wang glided back on his chair. Resting his pair of slender legs on the table, he coldly said, “Just how attractive is Yun Bixue, to garner so much protection from the heir of the Xie family.” This was what he paid the closest attention to.

To a person with tremendous authority, this sort of protection was equivalent to exposing his weakness to his opponents. They could not afford to have any vulnerabilities.

Young Master Wang narrowed his eyes. A glint as charming as a poppy flower flashed across his almond-shaped eyes. He looked just as alluring as a flower, strange yet beautiful.

“Yun Bixue was initially an unremarkable person. She was the daughter-in-law that the Su family from Ning An City rejected. In the end, she became someone that Xie Limo cherished above others.” The subordinate respectfully replied at the side.

Young Master Wang crossed his arms and contemplated. “That is what bewilders me. Why would Xie Limo want a woman that an ordinary royal family abandoned? Either Yun Bixue has something extraordinary to offer, or Xie Limo has a unique taste.”

Hearing Young Master Wang’s words, the man in a suit answered at the side, “Besides Yun Bixue, Xie Limo has never had any scandals or interactions with any other women.”

Young Master Wang listened, and a vague glint flashed across his eyes. It was apparent that because of Xie Limo, Yun Bixue had left a deep impression on him. This feeling became rather fascinating in the end.

A glint flashed across Young Master Wang’s eyes, as if he had just thought of something. His words were as though they had been encased in snow as he coldly asked, “Didn’t Wang Gangping have a daughter?”

“Yes, Wang Miaoxiang had constantly tried to get closer to Young Master Wang. She’s repeatedly causing a fuss.” In reality, it didn’t matter if it was the main household or its collateral branches. As long as Young Master Wang wished to investigate the Wang family, nothing could evade him.

Otherwise, the Wang family wouldn’t have been able to flourish to the scale that it boasted now. It wouldn’t have been able to stand firm and withstood a thousand years of hardships.

“Bring her to meet me.” The voice that Young Master Wang used to relay his orders was mystifying and cold. The corners of his lips turned up, and they looked as if they had been dyed blood red. It was breathtaking.

“Yes, understood.” The subordinate nodded in obeisance.

Old Lady Shen quarreled everyday with Yang Siru, exchanging blows frequently whenever a chance comes up. In the hospital, Yun Muzhong could only be looked after by his two mistresses.

Even during the New Year celebration, Yang Siru didn’t dare to slack off. Grasping each opportunity, she would try to hurt Old Lady Shen. Old Lady Shen was also very odd and difficult to discern. It seemed as though the two of them grew more energetic as they continued to fight.

Yun Mengshi walked out of her house feeling rather irritated and desolate. She desperately needed to find a place to warm herself up, and to justify her existence.

After failing to seduce Su Lenghan, she didn’t have a choice but to search for another option. She had ascertained that Yun Bixue was taking advantage of her, and didn’t care about her life or death at all. Yun Bixue clearly knew that she was trying to get closer to Young Master Xie, yet she still purposely addressed her dearly as ‘younger sister’.

That day, she finally realized that Yun Bixue knew everything. Yun Bixue had merely treated her as a joke. Only Yun Bilu was part of her family. This is why she wanted to find another route of escape.