Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 294

Chapter 294 Plans

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Yun Mengshi silently lifted her luggages and walked out. Listening to the bustling sounds of the firecrackers outside, her heart grew increasingly despondent, and also unjust.

She wasn’t worse than Yun Bixue in any aspect. Since she was young, she had everything that she wanted. As long as she cried, she could get anything. Everyone indulged her.

In school, most of her male classmates had been fond of her. The more she thought about her situation, the more sinister her gaze turned. She could also have what Yun Bixue had managed to attain.

However, she needed to find a man first to become her stepping stone.

At that moment, she could only think of the Qin family. She had met the young master from the Qin family before. Although he was handicapped, he was still wealthy. What she needed now was money to execute any task without a hitch.

Despite cautiously sneaking out of the house, Yun Mengshi still attracted the attention of Old Lady Shen and Yang Siru, who were embroiled in a fight upstairs. The two of them simultaneously released their grips.

Yang Siru raged, “Mengshi, what are you doing? Your father has abandoned this family, and now you’re leaving too?” She dashed downstairs and grabbed Yun Mengshi’s arm. She had still hoped that her daughter would provide for her.

In the past, Yun Mengshi had been filial. However, she now realized that the Yang family could not provide a single benefit for her. Therefore, she needed to depend on herself, and she couldn’t wait anymore.

“Mum, I’m just going to my friend’s place to give her something.” Yun Mengshi understood that Yang Siru was extremely unreasonable now, and therefore, she couldn’t speak sensibly to her mother.

Supporting herself on her walking stick, Old Lady Shen also came downstairs. “What’s happening? I knew she was a money-losing lass! Are you packing up your things and leaving the Yun family? You’re shameless, just like your mother Look at yourself. You’re hideous. Did you steal our money?” She then raised the walking stick and brought it down to hit Yun Mengshi.

It wouldn’t be a gentle blow if Old Lady Shen’s walking stick were to land on Yun Mengshi. She dodged it hastily.

Old Lady Shen was so livid that she panted. She lunged forward and snatched Yun Mengshi’s luggage. As she rummaged through its contents, she found her walletas expected, there was a stack of money inside. Taking them out, she began to whack Yun Mengshi with it. “I knew that she was an ingrate who sneakily helped others while living in our house! You stole our money and tried to escape. Someone! Lock her up! Lock this shameless person up!”

Yun Mengshi was flustered. “Grandma, you can’t lock me up!” Today was New Year’s Eve. It was the easiest day to look for the young master of the Qin family. In the future, there might not be such a great opportunity.

Old Lady Shen’s eyes narrowed. “Why? Do you think you can ignore your grandma’s orders now that you’ve grown up? Someone, lock her up. If nobody does it, I will withhold your salaries and dismiss all of you!”

Finally, a servant stepped forward and shoved Yun Mengshi, locking her into her room. Yun Mengshi leaned across the door, and forcefully banged against it. However, it was to no avail.

Old Lady Shen held onto the stack of moneythere was at least ten thousand dollars. She merrily strutted upstairs, but was swiftly blocked by Yang Siru. “That money belongs to my daughter, so it belongs to me as well. You can’t take it.”

“I am her grandmother. I can take it.”

“Who do you think you are? It’s mine” The two of them began scrambling for it. Since Old Master Yun was responsible only for the basic living expenses and servant feesand Yun Muzhong no longer gave his family money after being hospitalizedthe two of them naturally coveted the money after seeing it.

The servants hung their heads in shame. There was something off about the situation. Old Lady Shen appeared to be frail, but why did she look strong and ferocious when she fought with Yang Siru?

They had secretly taken a guessOld Lady Shen had actually put on a pretense for many years.

In another part of the house, Yun Mengshi was trying to find ways to escape from her room, while thinking about her plan to get closer to the young master from the Qin family.