Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Bidding the Past Self Goodbye

As An Yexuan watched Yun Bixue leave, he got out from his car. Leaning coolly against the trunk of his car while smoking a cigarette, his every move appeared mysterious.

When Miao Zifu rushed over, her heart palpitated as she saw An Yexuan in her sight.

She had been inextricably attracted to him since the very first time she noticed him. Despite knowing that he was ruthless and callous, she still dived right in without a care.

She had no regrets, as she was his one and only now, and no one could steal him away from her.

"Yexuan, are you okay? Where is Yun Bixue?"

An Yexuan pursed his lips, offering no answer. His gaze was cold and dark, and shrouded in mystery, leaving one baffled.

A while later, he threw away the cigarette butt in his hands and stepped on it, twisting to extinguish the embers. "She has already left!"

A tinge of annoyance flashed across Miao Zifu's eyes. "Yexuan, after what happened to Fei'er, Yun Bixue has always acted as if she had not been involved. To think Fei'er used to treat her with such kindness. How could she do this? Is her heart made of steel?"

Hearing Miao Zifu bring up Chu Fei'er's name, An Yexuan briefly tensed, and he turned cold-eyed. "Let's go! This is not a parking lot."

Miao Zifu did not miss the displeasure in An Yexuan's eyes. She felt a shiver, yet she was pleased.

She knew that mentioning Chu Fei'er would get An Yexuan riled up. Ultimately, amongst the three of them, she had won.

After Yun Bixue alighted from the car, she patted herself on the chest and took a deep breath. The ambiance back in the car earlier had been too repressive. She turned back and squinted at the model of the car. She could easily distinguish it as a posh car that cost tens of millions of yuan. Ning An City indeed housed an abundance of wealthy people.

She once again hailed a taxi by the roadside and returned home. Exhausted, she laid on the bed and conked out.

Suddenly, her phone rang. She opened her eyes in a daze and unlocked her phone to see the incoming call from Bai Yaoyao.

"B*tch, Bixue you are too shrewd. I said that you should find yourself a superior man and step all over those traitors. Let them regret death. Who do they think they are...

Ah, Young Master Xie. I don't even know what he looks like, but I heard he is top-notch...

B*tch, Bixue. You kept it a secret for so long and didn't even bother telling your best friends...

Oh right, something cropped up in Country E recently, and the airport has paused its operations. I bought the tickets but I cannot leave now, isn't it infuriating..."

After ending the call with Bai Yaoyao, Yun Bixue felt calmer. Even though she had to experience unsurmountable sorrow and bleakness, at least she had friends who were always by her side.

She couldn't help but recall the days of the past - An Yexuan, Chu Fei'er, Miao Zifu... Su Lenghan... She shook her head to expel these people out of her mind. Goodbye, her past.

She would only live for herself from now on.

Her stomach rumbled all of a sudden. Looking up at the clock on the wall, it was already after 7 in the evening. She had taken a long nap.

Just as she made her way to the first story from the bedroom, she got a whiff of a delicious meal. Xie Limo coincidentally carried the dishes out from the kitchen in an apron, his whole being radiating an air of intense exquisiteness.

Xie Shiyi and Xie Liu stood courteously and upon seeing Yun Bixue, Xie Liu greeted brightly, "Young Madam, you have awakened. When Young Master Xie returned, he noticed you were sleeping and instructed us not to rouse you. He also said that you would be hungry when you would wake up and hence prepared your meal personally. He didn't even allow us to intervene."