Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 301

Chapter 301 Serving Young Master Qin?

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Qin Huailing switched on the CCTV outside his villa. Seeing all of Yun Mengshi’s expressions, his sinister gaze changed. He muttered to himself, “Great, she’s got spunk.”

After entering the villa, Yun Mengshi felt uneasy. She only saw a few people in the entire villa. She didn’t hear anyone talking at all, and the silence made her heart quiver.

She started to regret coming to this place. However, she thought of her current plight, and it bolstered up her intentionshe had to get closer to Qin Huailing.

In the entire villa, Yun Mengshi could only hear her footsteps and breaths. She didn’t know how far she had walked, but she finally stopped outside a door.

“Miss Yun, please enter. Our Young Master is inside.”

“Thank you.” Yun Mengshi discreetly wiped away the sweat on her face. Deep inside, she felt terrified.

She took in several deep breaths. After mustering some courage, she knocked on the door. A crisp and pleasant voice was heard from inside. Yun Mengshi opened the door to the study room, and she noticed that the lights were switched off. Qin Huailing’s body was illuminated by the blue light of the computer screen.

Yun Mengshi instantly froze, and screamed, “Ahhh!” After producing such noise, she immediately regretted it.

However, it was already too late to shut her mouth.

Qin Huailing hit a button on his chair, and it automatically elevated. He looked towards Yun Mengshi, his gaze sinister and cold. “Are you afraid of me?”

Yun Mengshi frantically shook her head. “No, no, I’m not afraid of Young Master Qin.”

Qin Huailing was just sitting on a chair, while she was standing up. However, it still made her feel as though she was lowly and crawling on the ground, while Young Master Qin was looking down over her. It was a bizarre feeling.

Qin Huailing widened his eyes that were as beautiful as flowers. “Oh, you aren’t afraid of me. That’s why you screamed!”

Yun Mengshi’s heart was in her mouth. “No, no ”

“You definitely are afraid of me,” Qin Huailing said with a vague gaze. His voice was flat, as though it had sounded from a dreary place.

Yun Mengshi was short of breath due to her anxiety. She hastily explained, “Young Master Qin, you must believe me. I definitely didn’t mean that. I admire Young Master Qin, so I came here. I want to be with you.” As she spoke, Yun Mengshi lowered her head, attempting to appear as bashful and gentle as she could.

However, she didn’t know who Young Master Qin truly was. He was someone who climbed out of the darkness. Why would he believe a woman like her? In addition, she had many scandalsshe flirted with her male schoolmate and led him on, and she also tried to seduce her brother-in-law. Lastly, she also tried to climb onto Young Master Su’s bed.

Qin Huailing naturally wouldn’t even consider a woman that had been rejected by the said individuals.

While Yun Mengshi toured around the villa in a daze, Qin Huailing had already went through her documents. All the royal households possessed their own intelligence system. If one had not intentionally concealed any information, the others could easily obtain these details with a simple search.

Therefore, Qin Huailing knew about Yun Mengshi like the back of his hand. “Did you mean you want to serve me? Do you want to marry me and become the Young Madam of the Qin family, or do you want to become my mistress? Or a servant?”

Yun Mengshi was in disbelief. Why was he, a cripple, not moved by her words? “Young Master Qin, I’m willing to serve you. I know that you’re very kind. Therefore, I’m pleased even if I were to be your mistress.” She felt uneasy, and clenched her jaw as she finished speaking. She only wished for Qin Huailing to believe her words.

At close proximity, she realized that Young Master Qin was truly gorgeous. His beauty was limpid and bright like a crystal. It was a pity that he was a cripple. Even so, in order to climb further and achieve her goals, this wouldn’t be a loss for her.