Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 303

Chapter 303 He Used To Be The Man Of The Hour In School

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Thinking of Qin Huailing, Yun Bixue realized that her memory of him was actually very vivid. If the undefiled young master of the Qin family was not handicapped, he would most likely be a remarkable figure in Ning An City. He was far superior than Su Lenghan.

Yun Bilu was pensive as she tried to recall anything about him. After a while, she said, “Elder Sister, his name is Qin Huailing, right? Before I left the country, he was the man of the hour in Ning An City. I was in primary school, and he should be in middle school back then. He was the man of the hour in the middle school for the royal families. He was a straight-A student and was extremely talented. He would win first place regardless of the competition. Also, I heard that he looks just like a character in a novel. Back then, several of my female schoolmates were very infatuated with him” Thinking back on her youth, Yun Bilu missed that period of her life. Although she had unpleasant memories regarding the Yun family, she had enjoyable ones too. However, after leaving the country, she hadn’t heard anything regarding this person.

“You sure remember him well!” Yun Bixue was amused as looked at her younger sister.

“Elder Sister, he’s such a well-known figure. I can’t help but remember him. When I was in middle school, before I left the country, some people had even said that Young Master Qin would be the Qin family’s promising future,” Yun Bilu explained. “As long as he’s around, the Qin family would achieve greater heights.” Imitating the words of those people, she shook and swayed her head. It was hilarious to look at.

Yun Bixue grabbed her lively younger sister, and sat her down on the sofa. She then slowly explained, “Bilu, you have no idea that the Qin family now is far from what they used to be. The master of the Qin family now is a woman, Qin Huailing’s aunt. She calls the shots. Also, Qin Huailing’s legs are no longer functioning.”

“Ahh!” Yun Bilu’s eyes widened in shock. She was in utter disbelief that such a prominent figure had ended up in such a state.

She sighed inwardly. “It seems like a lot had happened while I was overseas.”

Yun Bixue felt rather sentimental too. “Perhaps the great have more challenging hardships to contend with. Perhaps he was sabotaged by someone else. Right at the start, the Old Witch Shen had tried to offer me as his mistress in order to get billions of monetary support. If it weren’t for your brother-in-law, I don’t know what plight I would have been in now.”

“If that’s the case, then Young Master Qin is evil. He can’t possibly have good intentions for helping you.”

Yun Bixue shook her head. “No, I always felt that Qin Huailing was like a younger brother next door. I still recall that he had stood up for me during the Old Witch’s treacherous banquet. Back then, Aunt Qin from the Qin family and the Old Witch had pushed me to become Qin Huailing’s mistress. They even arranged for me to sit beside him during the meal. However, he asked Yun Mengshi to sit with him. I always feel that he actually has his own troubles.”

Yun Bilu nodded. “Elder Sister, he was such a sensational and gifted figure back then. He’s rather pitiful to end up in that state now. If he truly wished to help you, then that’s great, but you shouldn’t let down your guard.”

“Yes, I will listen to my younger sister’s advice.”

Yun Bilu chuckled. “Elder Sister, you have to obey Brother-in-law at night too!” As she spoke, she winked at Yun Bixue, teasing her.

After hearing those words, Yun Bixue started tickling Yun Bilu. “Wow, this little lass has learned to tease her elder sister. What do you know?”

“Ahh! Haha!” Yun Bilu squealed. “Elder Sister, I’m sorry, I’m sorry Have mercy on me!”

The two sisters fooled around and caused a din. They had casted aside all their unpleasant worries.

In the afternoon, the news began exposing the scandal involving Yun Mengshi. There were reports on the conversations where she intentionally seduced her male schoolmates. Also, there were pictures of how she tried to entice Young Master Qin, and how she was eventually kicked out of his villa.

In the past, there had not been much detrimental scandals revolving around Yun Mengshi. This time, many people in Ning An City were taken aback by the news. This was the very first sensational news after celebrating the new year. It truly provided everyone with a tremendous amount of delight.