Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 304

Chapter 304 Yun Mengshi's Image Is Exposed

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After eating, Yun Bilu saw the news on her phone. She hurriedly switched on the TV and called her elder sister over. “Elder Sister, quick, take a look! Yun Mengshi is on the news.”

Yun Bixue put down the Snow Cloud Group’s performance report for the new year and came downstairs. She saw a scene on the TVYun Mengshi was thrown out of a villa. Another video played the flirtatious conversations between Yun Mengshi and her male schoolmates.

Yun Bixue frowned. “Yun Mengshi had actually sought help from so many people!”

“I reckon that she didn’t even expect that Liu Teng will foolishly help her. Elder Sister, quick, look closer. Wow, it’s so mushy. What did she say? ‘I miss you so much, but I’m locked up at home. I can’t see you, and I miss every single word that you said to me. Sometimes, I even dream of you I want to see you and revisit our past days in school’ She even tried to offer herself to him! What nonsense Bleurgh! It’s disgusting.” Yun Bilu criticized Yun Mengshi while watching the news. She even looked as though she was going to throw up.

In fact, Yun Bixue had not even expected that those words truly came out of Yun Mengshi’s mouth.

This news went viral in Ning An City. After all, Yun Mengshi had never been wrapped up in any detrimental scandalthis had destroyed everyone’s conception of her.

“Maybe there’s a mistake? Is this Yun Mengshi?”

“It’s the daughter of the Yun family. However, Yun Bixue had never mentioned that Yun Mengshi was her younger sister.”

“Old Lady Shen and Yang Siru were brought to the police station, and it’s all because Yun Mengshi charged them. She’s such a heartless person. An ungrateful b*tch indeed”

“Oh, do you remember? During Young Master Su’s wedding, Miss Su had even brought her there. Could she be Young Master Su’s mistress?”

“Did she go crazy from wanting to be someone’s mistress? Why is she so different from the eldest miss of the Yun family?”

“Since they don’t share the same parents, they’re definitely not the same. Look at what she said! She’s truly shameless. She’s hooked up with so many people!”

Liu Teng naturally saw these reports. He realized the truth long ago, but the speculation in his heart were further confirmed by these news. However, he had no regrets. Even if the one asking for help was just an ordinary schoolmate, he would assist that person to the best of his abilities. Still, he wouldn’t be as foolish in the future.

When Old Master Yun learned of all these, his composure was calm. It was as though he didn’t feel much affection towards Old Lady Shen and the other Yun family members.

Yun Bilu also thought about it. Qin Huailing could also have disseminated these news. All of a sudden, she realized that she owe him a huge favor.

That night, Xie Limo still hadn’t returned home. Yun Bixue kept waiting, and warmed up the dishes frequently. She hoped that Xie Limo would be able to eat the warm dishes that she personally prepared.

Yun Bilu coaxed her to go to sleep, but she refused. She sat in the living room and insisted on waiting. She said to Yun Bilu, “Bilu, when you meet your beloved other half in the future, you would also wait for him to come home too.”

Yun Bilu thought about Young Master Huang. She had already done loads of crazy acts just by pursuing him. She naturally understood her elder sister. Pursing her lips, she said, “Okay then. Elder Sister, don’t tire yourself out. I’ll go to bed first.”

“Okay, go!”

As she waited, snowflakes began floating down from the skies. Looking at the snow underneath the yard lights, warmth slowly filled her heart. She recalled that Xie Limo had gone to pick her up during the first snowfall of the year.

Xie Limo finally returned at eleven o’clock, feeling chilly. Hearing the sounds of his car, Yun Bixue rushed outside.

Once Xie Limo alighted from the car, Yun Bixue hurriedly dusted off the snow from his body and gently said, “Hurry, go inside and eat. Dinner is still warm!”