Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 307

Chapter 307 Cannot Offend Young Master Xie's Precious Wife

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The reporters were so taken aback that they failed to respond and protect their equipment. They could only gape at their top-grade cameras and microphones in shock, not to mention the loss of their potential huge income

One of the reporter’s eyes turned red with fury. Pointing at Yun Bixue, he yelled, “Miss Yun, do you think that being together with Young Master Xie makes you a big deal now? Yun Mengshi is your younger sister, but you framed her. You even prevented others from speaking about it. You must have done it You must have done it”

The reporter’s thoughts were full of bitterness at the fact that their income from this scandal had vanished just like that. He felt so annoyed that he could no longer contain his emotions. He had published a lot of sensational scandals throughout his career, and earned a huge sum from them. Wealth had really gone to his head, making him irrational. He began overestimating his abilities.

On the contrary, a reporter with a video recorder beside him was visibly shaken. He abandoned his colleagues and ran off.

The raging reporter continued blasting away. Xie Shiyi simply kicked him, making him fall flat on his back. “You were completely out of bounds and overestimated yourself. You’re a man but you’re acting like a shrew.”

On the other hand, Yun Bixue remained calm. This was the first time she heard Xie Shiyi speak so many words in one go. She was so amazed that she wanted to applaud Xie Shiyi.

She then tilted her head and glanced at the reporter lying on the ground. Shaking her head, she sighed. He was indeed just like a weak woman. “Ask him which company he belongs to. We’ll go back and look for his boss!” An eye for an eye Yun Bixue would have ignored him if he did not provoke her. However, anyone who disrespected her won’t expect any kindness from her.

This is what she had learned throughout her many years of hustling.

However, before she could even lift a hand, this media agency in Ning An City got shut down completely. That reporter was also dismissed.

When he was looking for work, no one dared to hire him. Eventually, when the other media agencies heard that he would be dropping by, they frantically closed their doors. They were gravely afraid to be associated with that reporterno one wants to be the next to shut down their business.

What a joke. Was this reporter in his right mind? Did he not keep up with the times, and not hear that Young Master Xie pampered his wife? No one dared to offend the eldest daughter of the Yun family. This reporter was truly remarkable for deliberately provoking her. He even yelled at her. Was he seeking death?

When Yun Bixue discovered that the media agency had been shut down, she was also taken aback. She pondered and realized that Young Master Xie must have done it for her. Her heart felt sweet, and she was chirpy for the entire day.

It was the day before the fifteenth day of the first lunar month. The streets were decorated with lanterns. Yun Bixue and her familyincluding Yun Bilu, Mummy Lu, and Aunt Zhouprepared glutinous rice balls. They planned to cook them tomorrow.

When Xie Limo returned home that night, he learned that Yun Bixue and Yun Bilu wanted to visit their parents’ graves tomorrow. There was a custom to offer a gift of light on the fifteenth day of the first lunar monthalso known as the Lantern Festival. That could also mean paying respects to one’s ancestors, and burning paper offerings.

Xie Limo accompanied Yun Bixue as they went out to buy lanterns and joss paper for the ancestors. They also personally folded sheets of golden paper into ingots.

Yun Bixue watched Xie Limo concentrating hard on folding the ingots, and couldn’t properly express how touched she was. “Limo, a lot of people are unwilling to do all these. They think that offering flowers is enough.”

“I married my dear wife, so I will naturally follow your customs. I will also go with you to visit your parents’ graves.”

“Yes, they would be pleased to see you.”

During their sleep, Yun Bixue had constant nightmares, her face breaking into sweat. Xie Limo frequently wiped her sweat away and roused her from her sleep. He comforted her for a while before letting her drift back to sleep. In order to take care of Yun Bixue, Xie Limo didn’t catch a wink of sleep the entire night.

In the afternoon of the said festival, Xie Limo consoled Grandfather, who was feeling rather mournful. He then drove and fetched the two sisters to the graves of the Yun family’s ancestors.

The graves were surrounded by verdant hills and clear waters. However, the hearts of Yun Bixue and her younger sister were filled with sorrow. Yun Bilu felt particularly melancholic as she hadn’t been here for many years.

Although a long time had passed, the two sisters would still feel depressed whenever they recall what happened back then.