Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 309

Chapter 309 Meeting Again His Heart Aches

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Yun Bixue was confused for a while before she finally asked in excitement, “Limo, is our whole family really going together?”

Xie Limo answered with a smile, “Look at how silly you look. When have I ever lied to you?” He wanted to completely brighten his wife’s spirits.

Yun Bixue silently agreed. Xie Limo had indeed never deceived her before. Everything he said would definitely be real.

Old Master Yun also chuckled. His eyes were so narrowed that they almost formed a single line. Tagging along with the youngsters, he went out to have fun.

Yun Bilu leaped in glee. She hugged her elder sister’s arm and swung it back and forth. “Wow, Brother-in-law is too awesome. Elder Sister, we get to enjoy so many benefits just by being with you!”

Xie Limo had tickets for Aunt Zhou as well, and arranged for her to sit with Old Master Yun. Old Master Yun was greatly touched, and felt that his grandson-in-law was thoughtful and considerate. Old Master Yun thought that he was worlds apart from Xie Limo back in his younger days.

Youngsters nowadays were more competentthey knew that they should pamper their wives.

The whole familyjoined by Xie Liu, Xie Qi, Xie Ba and Xie Shiyisat in a stretch limousine. They majestically set off to the venue of the live show.

When the bouncers noticed their tickets, they immediately put on a respectful expression. Bowing to them, the bouncers welcomed them in.

Unfortunately, Yun Bixue did not expect that she would bump into Su Lenghan.

Su Lenghan was originally waiting for Meng Xinyan, who had just left for the washroom. Little did he know that he would see Yun Bixue. This was the first time he met Yun Bixue, ever since he started secretly reproaching himself. She was still as gorgeous as ever. Donning a blush pink evening gown, she looked elegant and magnificenta refined and beautiful sight for one’s eyes.

His heart silently fluttered. His gaze had a hint of yearning and agony.

Yun Bilu had also seen Su Lenghan through online videos, and naturally recognized him. All of a sudden, she stood in front of her elder sister, eyeing Su Lenghan with disdain. She raised her head and arrogantly said, “Are you Su Lenghan? You’re not allowed to stare at my elder sister like that. If you want to look, look at your own Mistress Meng. My elder sister is not related to you in any way.”

Yun Bixue tugged Yun Bilu’s hand. This was not an ordinary occasion. She was anxious for hershe did not want her younger sister to cause trouble.

“Elder Sister, don’t worry. I know what to do.”

Su Lenghan’s gaze wavered. He stared intently at Yun Bilu, then glanced at Yun Bixue. He asked, “Are the two of you biological sisters?”

Yun Bilu haughtily answered, “Of course. We’re definitely biological sisters.”

Strong ripples began to rush through Su Lenghan’s heart. His eyes bored into Yun Bixue’s eyes as he said, “You You’ve never mentioned that you have a biological younger sister.” He continuously stared at Yun Bixuehe didn’t want to miss a single expression on her face.

Yun Bixue flatly answered, “There’s no point in bringing up certain things, so I didn’t tell you. Also, you’ve never really paid attention to the things I said, have you?” As she spoke, the corners of her lips curled up to form a wry smile.

Yun Bilu crossed her arms and made a gesture. She sighed. “Su Lenghan, Young Master Su, you did a lot of things that made my elder sister unable to fully trust you. That’s why she didn’t tell you. Do you understand now?” She wasn’t pleasant towards Su Lenghan at all. She couldn’t imagine the state of despair her elder sister would be in if it weren’t for her brother-in-law. Her grandfather might not even be still alive.

Those words crushed Su Lenghan. His heart felt as though it had been pierced, as he staggered backwards.

At that moment, Meng Xinyan stepped out of the washroom. She ran towards Su Lenghan and noticed Yun Bixue. Her face turned pale immediately. She hurriedly grabbed Su Lenghan’s arm, as though she was marking her property. “What are you doing? Did you deliberately come to the live venue knowing that we’ll be here too?”

Meng Xinyan’s voice was extremely shrill. As she looked at Yun Bixue, she felt suspiciouseverything about Yun Bixue made her anxious.

At that moment, Xie Limo was approaching them through the entrance. Noticing that Yun Bixue was being yelled at, his exquisite gaze had a hint of coldness.