Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 311

Chapter 311 He Was Unforgivable

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Yun Bilu’s words sent tremors to Su Lenghan’s heart. His expression appeared rather dazed.

He opened his mouth and asked, “Are you Yun Bixue’s younger sister?”

Yun Bilu turned back and glared at Su Lenghan. “Are you talking to me? I’m Yun Bilu, her younger sister. You are such a failure, so my elder sister would never tell you.” She pursed her lips. In fact, she was extremely reluctant to speak to Su Lenghan. However, in order to crush his heart, it was worthwhile to waste her breath on him.

Listening to Yun Bilu’s words, Su Lenghan felt as though a knife was twisting around his heart. Hurt flickered in his eyes as he self-mockingly said, “So she never trusted me. She had never been willing to tell me.”

Yun Bilu was instantly enraged. She glared at Su Lenghan and yelled, “Hey, Su Lenghan, don’t you know your limits? What has it got to do with my elder sister? My elder sister had said a lot of things to you, but you never paid attention to them. You never accompanied my elder sister to her university. Besides our Yun family’s wealth and status, you weren’t concerned about anything else with my family. If you had just spent a bit of effort, you would have known about my existence. Don’t forget that I was still attending middle school in Ning An City. Your ignorance simply demonstrates your complete neglect. It’s your own fault, so don’t blame it on someone else. You’re truly shameless. Really! We don’t want to see you at all, okay? You’re still being so self-absorbed here. I don’t want to explain any further!”

Her barrage of words were relentless, never missing their target. “Oh, right. You’re really detestable. You can’t discern right from wrong, and you can’t see through a person’s intentions. You even like a two-faced woman. Back then, your wicked woman had clearly framed my elder sister outside Snow Cloud Group. Deep down, you still suspected my elder sister. That alone makes me look down on you. You don’t even have an ounce of trust towards her. You’re horrible!” After speaking, Yun Bilu gave a thumbs-down gesture. She then flung her hair, and strutted back to her seat.

Su Lenghan replayed that conversation several times in his head. Each time he thought about it, his heart throbbed. His mind started to play the scenes when he was still together with Yun Bixue.

That’s right. He had truly been neglectful. He had taken her wholesomeness for granted. She had always been the one giving in to the relationship.

Yun Bilu was correct. He had never really trusted Yun Bixue before.

He constantly felt that he was talented and superior to others. He didn’t care about the insignificant Yun Bixue. He treated her half-heartedly, thinking that the marriage alliance between the Su and Yun families was beneficial. If the Yun family had not been plagued with all those unfortunate events, perhaps he would have really married Yun Bixue.

However, without the benefits, he ditched the Yun family without a second thought. The more he thought, the more Su Lenghan realized that he had actually committed a lot of unforgivable things

“Lenghan, it’s cold. I brought you a coat. I placed it on the table at the reception area.”

“Lenghan, remember to have lunch.”

“Lenghan, you promised to go shopping with me. You didn’t come, but I understand.”

“Lenghan, Grandfather wants to see you. Oh, you’re busy. Next time then.”

“Lenghan, Bai Yaoyao is my closest friend. Would you like to treat us to a meal? Okay then. We’ll arrange for another time.”

Thinking about those, he had actually patronized her one too many times. She had been understanding and never flared up. In the end, Meng Xinyan made him understand womenhe learned that Yun Bixue was truly a kind-hearted girl. Not every woman in the world was as accommodating and forgiving, and gentle and kind as her.

As he pondered, Su Lenghan gazed towards the direction of Yun Bixue’s seat. Meng Xinyan saw this and got furious. Raising her voice, she questioned Su Lenghanshe claimed that he still missed that sl*t, Yun Bixue. In the end, even the security guards were alarmed.