Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 314

Chapter 314 Meeting An Old Acquaintance At University T

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Listening to Li Wenhui’s words, Su Lenghan’s heart abruptly skipped a beat. His expression was dismayed. It was indeed as what he had expectedhe had a beautiful, yet sorrowful dream last night.

In the end, Li Wenhui took a morning-after pill right before Su Lenghan’s eyes. She wanted him to know that her devotion towards him was not an actshe wasn’t vying for the position of Su family’s young madam.

Su Lenghan sighed. “I’m not as wonderful as you imagined me to be. Why are you doing all these? Here’s a check. It should be enough to last for a lifetime.” He placed the check on the bed, then added, “Find someone who will treat you well, someone you can spend the rest of your life with, then marry him! Stop wasting your time and youth.”

Among the young masters of royal families, majority would keep one or two mistresses. Nonetheless, a large number of them stayed away from trouble. They complied with their household’s rules and protected their reputation. When Su Lenghan and Yun Bixue were together back then, they had never held hands, nor had excessive physical intimacy.

It was only after he met the person he thought he loved that he got more intimate with Meng Xinyan. Even though he liked her, he dared not step beyond the boundaries. Meng Xinyan had, therefore, seduced him for a long time. It was only after an extended period of plotting that they progressed to a more intimate relationship.

Perhaps this was his merit. This was also what made Yun Bixue adore him from the start.

The reason why Su Lenghan let Li Wenhui off the hook was because he had learned a lot after experiencing the matter with Yun Bixue and Meng Xinyan. However, even if he had understood the situation now, it was already too late.

Li Wenhui picked up the check that was left on the bed. She counted the number of zeros on it, then gasped as her eyes widened at the sight of such an exorbitant amount. It was just a nightshe had even plotted it. He had actually given her such a fat check. She didn’t dare to think about it. It was an enormous amount that she had never seen before.

Indeed, she could squander it for several decades, but she didn’t want to. She truly didn’t want to leave Su Lenghan just like that. After experiencing a night of pleasure with him, why would she be willing to accept it from someone else?

However, this check was enough to infuriate Meng Xinyan. She would search for an opportunity to provoke her.

Li Wenhui hugged the check close to her heart. It was as though this was the only way for her to feel the lingering warmth that Su Lenghan left behind.

After Xie Limo left the house, Yun Bixue was utterly bored at home. As time passed, her yearning for Xie Limo grew.

The two of them could only speak over the phone for an hour. Those evening calls were a temporary relief to their agony of longing for each other.

That day, the weather was clear. The sun shone brightly and spring seemed to be approaching. Yun Bixue brought Yun Bilu to University T.

The two sisters strolled around the campus, attracting attention from a lot of students. All of them thought that the two sisters were students. Someone even asked them for directions. Yun Bixue happily obliged and helped the lost student.

A lot of male students ogled and walked past the two sisters, not bothering to conceal their admiration.

“Younger Sister, I haven’t felt so at ease in University T for a long time. In the past, I thought that this place harbored a lot of misery, but things have changed now. I finally think that I actually have a lot of wonderful memories here.” Yun Bixue spread her arms, as if embracing the wind. With a radiant smile spreading across her face, she seemed just like a freshman who had just enrolled.

“Elder Sister, it’s all because of Brother-in-law.”

Yun Bixue nodded her head. “When we have time in the future, I will bring your brother-in-law here too. Back then, we had just gotten our wedding certificate, then I brought him here to eat some snacks.”

“Did Brother-in-law not make any complaints, despite his status?”

“He’s very approachable and he didn’t mind the cramped space. He also didn’t complain about not having a feast. Let’s go. I will bring you to the dormitory building where I used to stay. I wonder what it looks like now ” As she spoke, Yun Bixue pulled Yun Bilu towards Dormitory Building 6.

However, she had never expected to meet a certain someone. She had almost forgotten about that personAn Yexuan! This was the person who solely occupied her heart while she was still in university.