Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 315

Chapter 315 Is She Still Alive?

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Yun Bixue shuddered. She hid behind a tree and watched An Yexuan. He had a stack of documents in his hands while questioning the girls from the dormitory. He also asked the management lady, but Yun Bixue was too far to hear him.

Yun Bilu stared at that person with curiosity. He was dauntingly handsome, poised, and dashing. However, his demeanor was too cold. He looked so distant that it was hard for people to get closer to him.

Looking at the expression on her elder sister’s face, she seemed to know this person. She had never heard her elder sister talk about him before.

Shortly after, the person finally left. Yun Bilu asked, “Elder Sister, do you know him?”It can’t be. Elder Sister actually knew quite a number of men. Nonetheless, who didn’t have a past? Didn’t everyone say that women grow by trampling over scums?

Yun Bixue nodded. “He’s a senior. We didn’t have much interaction.” Yun Bixue wasn’t lying. If everyone hadn’t claimed that she had harmed Chu Fei’er, they wouldn’t have had much contact.

Back then, this person was the one who had caused her roommates to fall out. Fortunately, Miao Zifu had changed for the better now. At the very least, she still had an outstanding younger brother that she could count on.

A fire had wiped out everything about Chu Fei’er. An Yexuan was truly devoted to her!

“Bilu, let’s go. I will bring you here again another day.”

Yun Bilu pondered and said, “Let’s go, Elder Sister. Let’s go over and ask.” As she spoke, she pulled Yun Bixue along while running towards the dormitory entrance.

After checking with the management lady, they found out that An Yexuan had been asking about the details of the fire that happened several years ago.

“Aunty, it’s been so many years. Why is he asking about it?” In reality, Yun Bilu was not curious at all. She just wanted to ask on her elder sister’s behalf. The two of them had relied on each other for so many years. It was impossible for Yun Bilu to not understand her elder sister’s personality.

The lady answered in a sentimental voice, “That person looks like a gentleman from a royal family. He also came to ask a few times before, and he had returned this year. He’s really devoted. He suspects that his past girlfriend has not passed away. How could she survive from such an intense fire? I believe that he still yearns for her.”

After listening, Yun Bixue’s clear eyes began to glisten. Could Chu Fei’er really still be alive? She understood An Yexuan well enough. If he didn’t have adequate reasons to be skeptical, he wouldn’t waste his efforts to investigate personally.

If Chu Fei’er was still alive, it just proved that her thoughts are too devious. She had included Miao Zifu and Yun Bixue in her schemes, and silently left on her own.

Was this some kind of a premonition?

“Elder Sister, is Chu Fei’er a formidable character? Faking her death? Elder Sister, don’t worry. No matter how dangerous she is, I will help you.”

Hearing her younger sister’s words, the heavy feeling in Yun Bixue’s heart slowly faded. She tightly held Yun Bilu’s hands and said, “Your priority now is to learn. You still have to charm your Young Master Huang. Don’t always act tough.”

Yun Bilu pouted. “I know, Elder Sister. But still, you need to protect yourself. It’s better that Chu Fei’er is dead. If she’s still alive, her schemes are impressive.”

“I understand. I’m no longer the person who I used to be, so her schemes won’t work on me. Besides, your brother-in-law is by my side.”

“Yes, Elder Sister and Brother-in-law can form a strong alliance and become invincible.” She raised her hand and formed a fist as she spoke.

Because of this incident, Yun Bixue felt uneasy for the rest of day. That night, she was distracted while speaking to Xie Limo over the phone. In a concerned voice, he asked, “Are you letting your imagination run wild again? Listen to my words. You have to take good care of yourself. I will try to return home earlier. Don’t you worry about anything, alright?”