Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 319

Chapter 319 What Secret Do You Have?

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Wang Man lowered her head in embarrassment and said, “Elder Sister Yun, I was very shocked back then. How could he be that person? I went over to take a closer look, and it was really him. Despite not meeting for two years, I could recognize him. Before I even had time to ask him anything, he turned around and even pretended I was a stranger. He said, ‘Miss, you cannot afford the things here. You should go look elsewhere.’ While he was saying that, he was even pulling that Miss Xu away and was in a hurry to leave.”

“Mmhmm, and then?”

“Then I stepped forward and called him out. ‘Aren’t you studying abroad? Why did you come back?’ I said. Then I asked, ‘Have you fallen for a rich lady? Is that why you wanted to break up with me?’ That Miss Xu looked at us in shock. She kicked him and then ran away. He yelled at me, saying I’m a lunatic, and chased after Miss Xu.” Wang Man sighed. She really thought that she had been foolish back then.

“That’s enough. Don’t think about him anymore. If you take a closer look at his true personality, you won’t miss him. Ladies need to learn to love themselves. In the future, don’t scrimp anymore. You should spend your hard-earned money on yourself. Buy pretty outfits and makeup to doll yourself up. You also have to learn to be stronger, and live a better life. That way, you can blow that trashy man out of the water. Do you understand?”

Hearing Yun Bixue’s words, Wang Man sniggered, “Yes, Elder Sister Yun. I understand.”

“Get off work earlier. I’ll treat you to dinner and we’ll have a blast tonight. I have a younger sister. Her personality is more straightforward. You could learn more from her.”

Yun Bilu went to the police station. Looking at Yang Siru and the Old Witch Shen who were locked inside, she mocked, “Oh, I’m here to tell you something. Did you know? After Yun Mengshi got out, she hooked up with the young master from the Qin family. Take a guess about what happened. Hahahaha”

Yun Bilu crossed her legs. Everytime she spoke, she wanted to laugh.

Hooked up with the young master from the Qin family? Yang Siru almost passed out. Right at the start, the Yun family had even tried to send Yun Bixue over to them. However, Yun Bixue was too lucky and she ended up with Young Master Xie. Nothing happened to her in the end.

Ultimately, her own daughter had frantically tried to seduce him. Wasn’t this a slap to her own face?

Even Old Lady Shen looked like she was in disbelief.

“Oh, right. Back then, the two of you tried to send my elder sister to Young Master Qin, didn’t you? Too bad, Yun Mengshi had voluntarily offered herself as his mistress. I know that the two of you can’t receive any news here, so I’ll deliver the news myself.” While she was saying this, she placed the tablet before the two of them. She searched for the video and played it for them.

Both of them widened their eyes. They couldn’t believe it. Yun Mengshi had really begged to become his mistress.

“After this incident, the Yang family announced that you, Yang Siru, has already married into another family and are no longer connected to the Yang family. The both of you have no parental families anymore. You better watch out!”

Yang Siru couldn’t take it. The Yang family had actually disowned her. She had gleaned so much benefits from the Yun family. How could they disown her just like that?

Noticing that Yang Siru had fainted, Yun Bilu turned her gaze towards Old Lady Shen. She said, “Old Witch, my grandfather doesn’t like the both of you, and also doesn’t care much about my youngest uncle. Do you know the truth?”

Old Lady Shen’s complexion changed drastically. Her eyes became shifty and she started avoiding Yun Bilu’s gaze. “What nonsense are you spouting? Wasn’t it because that Old Man was severely biased?”

Looking at Old Lady Shen’s expression, Yun Bilu could figure something out. Could her grandfather and the Old Witch Shen share some secret between themselves? She recalled that the elders of the Yun family had mentioned before that her grandfather had been extremely against marrying Old Lady Shen. However, he had no choice. Could there be something hidden in the dark? She wanted to do something for her grandfather. It would be best if he’ll divorce Old Witch Shen, and end up together with Aunt Zhou. He would have someone to accompany him.