Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 322

Chapter 322 She Looks So Much Like Chu Fei'er

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Yun Bilu looked at the message sent by her roommates, reading it over and over again. She couldn’t believe it. She even blinked and rubbed her eyes just to make sure that her eyes weren’t playing tricks on her.

She opened up the video that her roommates had sent over.

“Little Lulu, hurry up and come back to our arms.”

“Little Lulu, school is going to reopen very shortly. If you don’t come back in time, you’ll lose your scholarship. You’ll be marked for absenteeism and your academic credits would be deducted.”

“Little Lulu, remember to bring delicious snacks for us. I heard that Young Master Huang had planned the change of schedule.”

The three roommates shoved at each other, hogging the phone while they were speaking. Once the video had ended, Yun Bilu looked up and let out a lengthy sigh. She was clearly in denial. She almost threw her phone on the ground. She hadn’t had enough fun yet, and didn’t feel like returning back. She wasn’t prepared.

She felt so depressed.

When Yun Bixue found out, she was also taken aback. “Don’t you still have one more week? Why are you going back so soon?” She also felt helpless. Thinking that her younger sister was going away so soon, she couldn’t bear to let her leave.

Supporting himself on his walking stick, Old Master Yun looked at Yun Bilu. He himself had hoped that she was just joking. Unfortunately, she was dead seriousshe will definitely leave them on such short notice.

Yun Bilu wanted to cry but couldn’t shed any tears. She said resignedly, “Grandfather, Elder Sister, it’s really true. I can’t bear to leave all of you, but I really have to go back. I’ll pack up my things today and prepare to return.”

The corners of Old Master Yun’s eyes gradually reddened. Yun Bilu was his precious granddaughter. They hadn’t met for many yearsthey could finally spend this holiday together. He grew used to having her by his side, so he really couldn’t bear to let her go.

Despite feeling reluctant to part with her younger sister, Yun Bixue still helped Yun Bilu prepare and pack up her things. She called Xie Limo, but he couldn’t come home at the moment. She could only send her younger sister off herself.

Xie Limo felt worried, so he arranged for Xie Qi, Xie Ba, and Xie Shiyi to go along and guard them.

The plane landed in Country E at night. After sending the luggages to the dormitory, the two sisters went out for dinner.

Once he heard that Yun Bilu was back, Ji Zhiye promptly reported it to Huang Yize. “Young Master Huang, Yun Bilu is back. It really is a good idea to reschedule the reopening. No matter how much that lass misses her home, she still complied and came back right away.” While Ji Zhiye was saying this, he glanced at Huang Yize’s expression.

It was a pity that Young Master Huang’s expression was vague. Ji Zhiye could only sighhe couldn’t figure out any form of emotion on his face.Young Master Huang was too skilled at concealing his feelings.

Sometimes, he was also curious about Huang Yize’s status and family background. Unfortunately, no one knew at allnot even him. Nonetheless, he was clear on one thing: No matter how impressive Noel Harlem University was, the principal and professors were respectful to Young Master Huang whenever they meet.

In Hotel President.

Using her chopsticks, Yun Bilu picked up some delectable dishes for Yun Bixue. “Elder Sister, try this. It’s delicious. This is Hotel President and it ranks first in Country E. All of their dishes are authentic and high quality. Even the powerful individuals from all over the world would eat here whenever they’re here at Country E. Too bad Brother-in-law didn’t choose this place last time.”

“Didn’t you want to keep a low profile? He just considered your situation. Here, eat more.”

Halfway through the meal, Yun Bixue went to the washroom. While washing her hands, she saw the back of a woman on the mirror. The woman’s back was so familiar that she was startled and took a second look. However, that woman had quickly vanished. She hurriedly stepped out of the washroom, wanting to go after her, but that person was already gone.

She shook her head. Was she just imagining things? She clearly thought that that woman looked exactly like Chu Fei’er. The way she stood and walked were somewhat similar to her. Logically speaking, she couldn’t have been mistaken.

Yun Bixue’s heart skipped a beat. Could Chu Fei’er really still be alive?

During the rest of their dinner, Yun Bixue felt restless. Once they’re done eating, the two sisters took the elevator and went down. When Yun Bixue got off the elevator and looked up, she saw an enchanting man with a woman at the end of the hall, walking away from them.

Without a second thought, Yun Bixue chased after them. She wanted to confirm if what she had been speculating was true.