Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 325

Chapter 325 Cultivating Talents

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Yun Bixue looked at the pair in front of her, feeling rather pleased. Her sister had a carefree and easy-going personality while this Huang Yize looked like someone reliable. Because she had been through a lot, she hoped that her younger sister would be able to find someone who can protect and care for her. As for other matters, she thought that it would be for the best to let nature run its course.

Looking at her elder sister’s expression, no matter how Yun Bilu thought about it, she felt as if she had been betrayed to Young Master Huang.

“Elder Sister!”

Yun Bixue carressed Yun Bilu’s head as she said, “Don’t interrupt when the adults are talking.”

Hearing her elder sister’s stern words, Yun Bilu did not dare to talk back at her. She could only wrinkle her nose to show her displeasure.

Finally, Yun Bixue let Huang Yize send her younger sister back to school while she prepared to take a plane back.

Xie Qi, Xie Ba, and Xie Shiyi had gone undercover to guard her. Like what Madam had ordered, they tried to appear inconspicuous to avoid causing trouble.

Actually, they did not let her know that Young Master Xie had already ordered for her protection in Country E by the members of Xie Family.

After her return, Yun Bixue felt that the house became a lot quieter. To fight the loneliness, she decided to put all her energy into her work before Xie Limo’s return. She also trained Wang Man to manage the department on her own.

At the movie studio, with Wang Man and Duan Qiushu by her side, she discussed the script with the director. They had also reached the selection phase for the characters.

The male lead was Liu Teng. The director did not look upon him favorably at first, but after Liu Teng acted a scene out, the director started to like him and began to applause. He did not expect that such a lad, who had no experience, were able to capture the essence of the script.

The director said to Yun Bixue, “Miss Yun, the male lead you have chosen this time is pretty good. His talent has great potential.”

Hearing this made Yun Bixue happy, and she said to Liu Teng, “You’re doing well. Continue to work hard.”

Liu Teng replied in a humble manner, “Thank you Miss Yun, I will continue to work hard.” Ever since he promised to enter the entertainment industry, he had worked painstakingly hard in order to improve. He had learned from watching dramas, practicing his facial expressions in front of a mirror, going to the streets to observe people’s actions, and buying scripts to practice at home. He sometimes even pulled all-nighters just to train himself.

He did not feel tiredhe felt more energetic instead. The praises given to him by the director did not make him arrogant. Rather, he thought that it was fortunate that he did not embarrass Miss Yun.

During this period, Wang Man looked upon Yun Bixue as her biological sister and her boss at the same time. She studied seriously without any fear of failure. In the eyes of Yun Bixue, Wang Man’s talent was really moldableshe could be trained to do greater things.

At noon, Wang Man volunteered to buy lunch for them. However, it had been two hours now and there was still no sign of her. Yun Bixue felt worried, so she decided to go and look for her.

Duan Qiushu also noticed this. Putting aside his work, he stood up and said, “Miss Yun, I will go and take a look!”

After a while, she overheard a conversation between two crew members who had just returned from lunch.

“I have no idea how Wang Man offended that Miss Xu. She was really harsh.”

“Tell me about it. She thinks that she can easily bully others just because she’s from an influential family. How vulgar.”

“We can only talk about it. No one dares to offend Miss Xu. But Manager Duan from the video game company really got the gutshe’s willing to stick up for Wang Man.”

“Manager Duan is a very valuable person. He’s so young, but he’s already this talented. He will become more formidable in the future. There’s obviously no need for him to be scared of the Xu Family, but it’s still unwise to go against them.”