Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 326

Chapter 326 A Mysterious Voice

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Yun Bixue’s gaze turned cold as she listened to the conversation between the two crew members. Without a second thought, she strode over to the elevator with a hardened expression.

As soon as she arrived downstairs, she heard a commotion nearby. Following the source of the noises, she saw a few people surrounding Wang man and Duan Qiushu. Duan Qiushu shielded Wang Man behind him, while a woman wearing a long purple dress stood in front of them. She wore little bells, emitting a folk culture vibe. She was slender and had large curls in her hair.

Yun Bixue approached them. As she got nearer, the voices became clear.

“Ha! There’s no need to fight with me. I’m not someone who will abuse my power. However, I have to tell you that Li Xu is courting me. I didn’t know about your existence back then, but now I do. That’s why you should be more sensible and stay away from him.”

“Miss Xu, I’ve already made myself clear. I have no longer any connection with him. Our relationship is all in the past, so anything that concerns Li Xu has nothing to do with me.”

Holding a cigarette between her fingers, Miss Xu scoffed. “Oh? If that’s the case, why did you show up that day and questioned him? Miss Wang, you must know your limits. Do you understand?” She glanced at Wang Man condescendingly, as though she found her pitiful.

“Miss Xu, please do not be so harsh. Strictly speaking, you were the one who broke them up.”

“Ah, Wang Man, am I the mistress, or are you imagining things? Li Xu never said that he had a girlfriend in the past. Did you consider yourself as his girlfriend? He never admitted such a thing. Can anyone prove it?”

Wang Man was simply not this person’s match. Holding it in, her face was flushed red. Duan Qiushu also spoke politelyhe could not contend with Miss Xu.

However, when Miss Xu noticed Yun Bixue, she suddenly reached out and greeted her. “Miss Yun, nice to meet you!” Although she took the initiative to acknowledge Yun Bixue, her expression showed arrogance.

The corners of Yun Bixue’s lips turned up slightly. “Miss Xu, these two are my colleagues. It’s currently working hours, and you are disrupting everyone’s time.”

Xu Miaodan noticed that Yun Bixue rejected her handshake. A hint of coldness flashed across her eyes. “Miss Yun, the value of these two cannot be compared to the Xu family. Are you protecting them?”

“Nothing personal, this is official business!” The reason why Yun Bixue didn’t favor the Xu family was partly because Miss Xu was going against the two talents that she wanted to nurture. Also, the Xu family belonged to the wrong camp, and they were already going against each other.

“Okay.” Right after speaking, Xu Miaodan coolly spun around and left.

Wang Man and Duan Qiushu looked at Yun Bixue with worried faces. In particular, Wang Man felt guilty and reproached herself. She had troubled Miss Yun.

Yun Bixue comforted the two of them. “Don’t worry. Go back to work and do your best!”

When Xu Miaodan got on her car, she called a private number. As soon as it got picked up, she said, “Hello?”

“How is it? How did you sound her out?” On the other end of the phone was a voice that sounded electronically distorted.

“You said that Miss Yun was an old friend of yours. She fits your description and didn’t change much. She still loves to poke into other people’s business. Her kindheartedness is useless. If she hadn’t found herself a backer and made everyone fearful of offending her, I wonder what she would be like now!”

After a long period of silence, the voice said, “Continue to observe her for me. I can’t return in the meantime. My health needs to recover slowly. Of course, if you did a good job, you’ll get a handsome reward.”

Xu Miaodan narrowed her eyes as she smiled. “That’s a piece of cake!” In fact, Xu Miaodan truly didn’t consider that kindhearted Yun Bixue as her match. Therefore, she was mostly just patronizing the other party.