Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 329

Chapter 329 An Excellent Trick

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Yun Bixue thought that it was fortunate of her that she had gotten Yang Mei to investigate on it.

“Miss Yun, I can’t prove that someone has concealed it. However, according to the investigation of the Xie family’s detective, some information are excessively complete. There is a loophole. In addition to that, there are missing information in between. Someone must have intentionally concealed it, and did not have the time to fill in the remaining details.”

Yun Bixue’s expression hardened as she replied, “I suppose that the other party never expected that someone would check on a dead person. Chu Fei’er is probably still alive.”

She also wondered. If she could check all these information, was An Yexuan able to do the same too? Suddenly, it dawned on her. “Could the other party be trying to let An Yexuan know that Chu Fei’er is still alive?”

Yun Bixue began to have a headache as she mulled over it. Rubbing her temples, she said to Yang Mei, “Leave me for the meantime and work on your tasks.”


After Yang Mei left, Yun Bixue lowered her head and carefully reviewed the documents. Everything regarding Chu Fei’er’s university life was recorded. In the end, Yun Bixue got even absorbed in reading them. There were a lot of things that she wasn’t even aware of.

Chu Fei’er had actually done a lot of things. Yun Bixue could see all the things that Chu Fei’er had done to her and Miao Zifu in order to win over An Yexuan.

If she had seen all these back then, she might have been infuriated. However, looking at it now, she found them rather amusing. Chu Fei’er’s tricks were indeed clever. In any case, it was her own faultshe had been too naive and gullible during that time.

Some people were just excellent tricksters. Judging from Chu Fei’er’s appearance, one could never tell how evil she was deep inside.

Looking at all these, she then thought that Meng Xinyan and Yun Mengshi’s skills were rather poor. They simply weren’t of the same caliber with Chu Fei’er.

If Chu Fei’er was really still alive, she had to be more vigilant. She felt pity for An Yexuanthe person that he liked was someone like her.

However, since someone had intentionally concealed things, that person would surely know that An Yexuan had been investigating on it. If that person further misled him, An Yexuan would never find out any bit of information, no matter how hard he tried. No wonder the management lady had mentioned that An Yexuan had approached her several times.

Yun Bixue let out a huge sigh. If she wasn’t checking on all these, she probably wouldn’t have guessed this too.

Before the fire, Chu Fei’er frequently visited Zi Bei City, dropping in on Forest Green several times. Forest Green was a well-known nature reserve, but only a few had visited that place. Even tourists would only stay at its periphery. The information revealed that Chu Fei’er had been there several times. She stayed there for an entire day and night on the first time, and for several days on the second time

Yun Bixue knocked against the table, thinking over it. In the end, she studied an aerial shot of Forest Green that was provided by Yang Mei. She hoped to find something through it. Could there be a residential building within Forest Green?

After some time, Yang Mei forwarded another aerial shot of Forest Green to Yun Bixue. “Miss Yun, this is taken by an airplane. Because of Zi Bei City’s regulations, the plane cannot fly any lower.”

“Okay.” Looking at the photos in her hands, Yun Bixue ordered Yang Mei to send Yang Lin over.

Yang Lin followed Yun Bixue’s instructions, and used a special computer to analyze these photos. “Miss Yun, please take a look. What you’re looking for should be in these locations.”

Yun Bixue smiled in satisfaction. “You did a wonderful job. You managed to narrow things down from such a wide range. Yang Lin, your skills are pretty neat. No wonder you have the standards of a top scientist.”

Yang Lin snickered. “Miss Yun, you flatter me.” He was born to serve the Xie family. It had been ingrained in them that they had to loyally devote their lives to Miss Yun.

Shortly after, Yang Mei received a pressing piece of news. She reported it immediately to Yun Bixue. “Miss Yun, I just received this. The Zheng and Du families have joined forces. They mobilized their men of sacrifice and they’re ready to take you down. But they haven’t given the order to do it yet.”