Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 33 2

Chapter 33: Old Lady Shen's Treacherous Plot Part II

The youth looked intelligent, beautiful as snow and as clear as jade. He was flawless, emitting an air of purity and wholesomeness, but his eyes were piercingly cold.

His pair of eyes could send chills down one's body especially when he was staring right at you. He sat on a special chair, and his presence felt almost negligible throughout the entire period.

"Come, Bixue, you sit here. Young Master Qin is not feeling well. Sit here to take care of him."

While talking, Old Madam Shen ushered Bixue toward Qin Huailing.

Yun Bixue smiled gently. "Grandma, look at you bustling and wobbling around. I should stay beside you to take care of you. Younger sister Mengshi is the best at taking care of others. Let her sit over there instead!"

What a joke. Even though her grandfather had already awoken, Old Lady Shen still wanted her to marry into the Qin family. Too bad, she was no longer at the mercy of others.

Yang Siru turned pale and her blood boiled. Wanting to make a fuss, she recognized that it was not the right occasion to do so and could only hold herself back. She had yet to deal with that sl*t for attacking Mengshi back then.

Yun Mengshi clenched her jaw and spoke weakly, "Grandma, I..."

Qin Huailing, who had remained wordless the entire time, smiled slowly, his smile as exquisite as a blooming flower and the full moon. "Miss Mengshi, could it be that you despise me?"

Yun Mengshi was at a loss. Seeing such a smile on the youth's face, she couldn't contain herself and moved over gradually to sit down.

Su Lengxian stood up in contempt. "Grandma Shen, I graced this dinner for the sake of my friend, Mengshi. Everyone dressed jubilantly but Miss Yun wore a black dress and is standing beside you. This looks so... Tsk tsk, such bad luck!" She spoke without reservation, and her words sounded acrid.

With those words, the crowd focused on Yun Bixue, as if scrutinizing her in disgust.

Yun Bixue long knew about Su Lengxian's bitterness. In the past, she spared no criticism towards the former, but she swallowed everything for Su Lenghan. However, she would not allow Su Lengxian to cull out her faults now.

Pulling on the sleeve of Old Lady Shen, she spoke coquettishly, "Grandma, Grandfather is severely ill in the hospital. As his granddaughter, should I still be dressed in bright and auspicious colors?

If others see it, they would think that we have a poor upbringing. I know Miss Su's brother is getting engaged soon; hence, she wore such a conspicuous red to show off. There is, therefore, no need for our Yun family to do the same, right?"

Her words were merciless; she had derogated them without beating around the bush. Su Lengxian turned white with fury. What Yun Bixue meant was not that Su Lengxian had deliberately come to flaunt, but that she failed to take into consideration the current circumstances of the Yun family and Old Master Yun's health...

Yun Bixue had changed, so drastically, she was entirely different from before. She used to remain calm and indifferent even after taking a beating, but now...

"Bang!" Aunt Qin suddenly slammed a teacup loudly on the table. "Auntie Shen, your sincerity seems to be lacking today. I think we should have this conversation next time! She loathed such scenes as they reminded her of her days spent with her husband's family.

Old Lady Shen noticed the dark look on Aunt Qin's face that threatened her departure. She tapped her walking stick firmly. "Bixue, I think you might have forgotten our Yun family's teachings."

Faced with such an undisguised threat, Yun Bixue straightened her back and said, "Grandma, the family teachings could only be carried out by the head of the household. Is Grandma saying that she is the master of the Yun family? Don't forget Grandma; your surname is Shen!"