Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 330

Chapter 330 Showing The Majesty Of Being Young Madam Xie

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Yun Bixue listened to Yang Mei’s report and raised her brows. “Ah, Xie Limo isn’t around, and these two families want to seek revenge already?” She remembered that before Xie Limo had assumed his position, these two families had been in cahoots with the Shen family. They had wanted to shoot Xie Limo to his death.

Back then, in a room at Luxury Emperor, she had even unleashed her fury on the daughter of the Zheng family and the son of the Du family. It was clear that they bore the grudge in their hearts. They had waited for such a long time. Could they be sick of waiting?

She could still recall how the two families had suck up to them by sending gifts before the new year. She wanted to laugh just by thinking about it.

Yang Lin said furiously, “Miss Yun, I want to join this mission.”

Yun Bixue shook her head. “You must focus on your studies. You still have six months to go, so don’t slack off. You’ve stayed at home long enough. You should return to school overseas!”

Yang Lin lowered his head, feeling dejected. He really wanted to be part of this mission and serve his Miss with unwavering loyalty.

Yang Mei said, “Miss Yun has her reasons for making such arrangements. Besides, six months wouldn’t make any difference.” She knew that Miss Yun treated the two of them as part of her family. All the things that she did were done in consideration of them.

Yang Lin had a brilliant mind and naturally understood. “I know. I also know that I want to serve Miss Yun further. I don’t want her to be bullied and taken advantage of.”

“That’s why we all have to become stronger and more powerful.”


In the end, Yun Bixue spent the entire day and night to come up with an initial plan. In order to not worry Xie Limo, she called him that night. She said to him that she will be working on her preparation to enter the entertainment industry in the next few days. Therefore, she would be busy and wouldn’t be calling him. Anyway, he would be returning soon.

Xie Limo smiled resignedly and obliged. He would listen to her in the meantime. After all, he would be going home in a few days’ time.

When Yun Bixue met Xie Qi, Xie Ba, and Xie Shiyi, she said, “Do you still remember what Young Master Xie said before he left?” This time, she looked every inch the Young Madam Xieher magnificence and nobility were on full display. With a solemn air, her expression was cold and indifferent.

Xie Qi, Xie Ba, and Xie Shiyi’s gazes switched instantly. They respectfully answered, “Young Master Xie has ordered us to listen to everything Young Madam says, and to prioritize Young Madam’s safety.”

The corners of Yun Bixue’s lips twitched. She looked at the three of them imposingly. She slowly sipped her tea and said, “I’m glad that you know that I am your Young Madam. Since Young Master Xie had already instructed you, all of you have to listen to me whenever he’s not around. At the moment, you only have one master, and that master is me. Do you have any objections?”

The three of them shuddered, their hearts trembling. They never knew that Young Madam could also possess such overwhelming aura, and the nobility and dominance of a person with status.

Yun Bixue focused intently, then shot a piercing glance at the three of them. She did this to achieve the most effective outcome. “If you have any objections, you don’t have to serve me anymore in the future. You also don’t have to show yourself anymore.” She had to present and establish her status as Young Madam Xie to take action this time. Furthermore, she didn’t want Xie Limo to worry. He was already busy and worn out. She didn’t want to rely on him for everything.

Ji Qiongxin had once said that the future matron of the Xie family had to be courageous. She had to learn to handle a lot of things by herself.

In order to be on a par with Xie Limo and not be a burden to him, she would test her skills with this matter. She had already prepared a thorough plan. Regardless of the outcome, retreat would not be an option.

In the end, Xie Qi, Xie Ba, and Xie Shiyi courteously bowed to her and replied, “We will obey all Young Madam’s orders.” This was the choice that they had, and the decision to make. Since Young Master Xie wanted them to protect Young Madam, it wasn’t wrong that their only master now was Young Madam.