Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 331

Chapter 331 Using Herself As Bait

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That day, Meng Xintong called Yun Bixue. “Miss Yun, I’ve already done the things you asked me to do. At the secret club, due to their excitement from gambling, Miss Zheng and Young Master Du have signed their confidential terms.” Although she didn’t understand why Yun Bixue wanted to know this information, Meng Xintong remembered that it was all because of the former that she could have such freedom and be so carefree.

“Wonderful. Continue to act as the eldest daughter from the Meng family. Try to control the Meng family as soon as possible. Use your own abilities to vie for authority. This would be more effective than the power you’d obtain later after the news have been exposed.”

Meng Xintong replied with gratitude, “I understand. Thank you, Miss Yun.” It was true. At this point in time, she had to depend on her own abilities to win over the support of others. These people could assist her and become her subordinates. On the other hand, a lot of people from the Meng family would go with the flow and attempt to curry favor from her after the reveal of the news regarding Chen Pei and her daughter. By that time, most of these people would have questionable loyalty.

That night, Yun Bixue said that she would be going out to work. Bringing Yang Mei, Xie Qi, Xie Ba, and Xie Shiyi along, she left for their mission. The Xie family in the villa didn’t suspect anything. Old Master Yun even told her to return home earlier and avoid working too hard. He didn’t think anything was amiss.

Yun Bixue had deliberately gotten her subordinates to reveal to the Zheng and Du families that she would be making a trip to Zi Bei City. This would allow the two families to make a rash decision.

She would be putting herself out as bait to lure the other parties. She wanted to draw their men of sacrifice out, so that she could close the net and get rid of them all at once.

In addition to that, half of the Yun family’s men of sacrifice had stealthily made their way to Zi Bei City. They were now hiding in Forest Green.

After the Zheng and Du families had found out about it, they were chuckling and gloating amongst themselves. That night, the two families gathered together for a meeting.

“Old Brother Zheng, this is our greatest opportunity.”

“That’s right. I had to put in a great deal of effort to acquire this piece of news and follow Miss Yun’s trail.”

“Yes. She left at night and must have urgent matters. She mentioned that she would be going to Forest Green. We have to hurry and send our men of sacrifice over to assassinate her.”

“It’ll be top secret. Haha”

“I can finally avenge my daughter. Last year, her face got swollen because Yun Bixue hit her.”

The mention of that incident triggered the Du family. The bulge on his son’s face grew to the size of a fist, and it had yet to recover fully. There was still a remaining scar!

“Don’t worry. Nobody will suspect our two families in Zi Bei City. Besides, Young Master Xie is in the capital. He wouldn’t find out what happened.”

“When Yun Bixue dies, Young Master Xie will just grieve for a few days. At that point, we’ll arrange for beauties from our families to accompany Young Master Xie. He’ll be taken good care of Hehe!”

“Then aren’t we going against him secretly under his protection? Haha”

The two families continued with their schemes and delusions. Little did they know that they were just like the Shen family. They overestimated their social standings, attempting to replace Yun Bixue with their daughters. They wanted Young Master Xie to pamper their daughters as well. It was simply wishful thinking.

In Zi Bei City, the good and the bad mingled together. Public security was relatively lacking, with no one bothering to take charge. For this very reason, one would be able to transfer to the capital after staying a few years in Zi Bei City.

Yun Bixue and her subordinates arrived at Zi Bei City the next afternoon. After lunch, they got fully armed, then began to enter Forest Green.

The men of sacrifice from the Du and Zheng families also entered Forest Green secretly. Their aim was to assassinate Yun Bixue. They couldn’t afford to failsuccess was their only option.

Yang Mei was holding an advanced GPS to guide them. After a short while, she felt the device vibrate. She reported to Yun Bixue, “Miss Yun, we have already surrounded our opponents.