Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 333

Chapter 333 Qin Huailing Comes To The Rescue

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As soon as Xie Qi said the last word, an explosive bullet was fired in their direction. Xie Qi grabbed Yun Bixue’s hand and spun around. Xie Ba immediately whipped out his gun and fired a shot. In a flash, Xie Shiyi and Yang Mei shielded Yun Bixue, while sending out an emergency signal to the Yun family’s men of sacrifice.

All their actions were done in a split second, as though they were on a synchronized danceall done at the same time!

Even so, the bullet still grazed Xie Qi’s sleeve and hit the tree behind him. The force of the impact shook the old tree, leaving a deep hole in its trunk. Even the ground beneath them trembled.

Yun Bixue’s mind went completely blank as the gunfight started. The bullets were accompanied by an overwhelming aura. She had lost count of how many flew past her. She wasn’t hurt under Xie Qi’s protection, but she knew that he was injuredthe skin where the bullet had grazed was already bleeding. They were in the open, while their enemy was hidden. They were at a disadvantage, to say the least.

Furthermore, it was evident that those people hidden away were an imposing threat. Regardless of how strong Xie Qi was, he still got injured in order to protect her.

Yun Bixue clenched her jaw and pushed Xie Qi away. She said, “I can protect myself. All of you protect yourself well. No one can get injured. I cannot lose anyone. Otherwise, your status as a man of sacrifice would be all in vain.”

Yun Bixue’s voice sounded cold-blooded and powerful, shocking Xie Qi and the rest. They immediately felt a surge of energy flowing through their bodies.

Once Yun Bixue finished speaking, she promptly whipped out two guns from her black tights. Holding a gun in each hand, she began firing. Her training since her childhood days together with the drills that Xie Limo had arranged for her last year were finally put into good use.

Their hidden enemy knew that if this were to be prolonged, it would only result in a tremendous number of casualties. These people were top-grade men of sacrifice, so they weren’t afraid of exposing themselves. A group of men continued to shoot, while the others stepped out of the bushes as they slowly advanced towards Yun Bixue and the rest.

Not far from them, Qin Huailing heard the commotion. When he brought his troop of men and hurried over, he discovered that Yun Bixue was involved. Within a split second, he ordered, “Protect them and shoot the men in green!”

At that moment, Yun Bixue was leaning against a tree. Her grip on the guns tightened as her expression hardened even more. She was trying to analyze the current situation, finding a way to defeat their opponents without her people getting injured. In the end, her judgment told her that it was still a no-win situation for both sides.

At this critical point, a chair suddenly slid off a slope. During this moment of distraction, another round of ammunition was fired, hidden from their sight.

Shortly after, the opponents were completely wiped out. Yun Bixue turned to look at the person who helped her. It was apparent that the man sitting on the slope, who was as clean and bright as a crystal, was Qin Huailing!

Although she didn’t understand why he helped her, he really did lend her a helping hand. She owed him a favor.

When the Yun family’s men of sacrifice returned, they only managed to clean up after those who had been shot to death. Their initial speculations confirmed that these people weren’t men of sacrifice from Ning An City’s royal families. They were connected to the powerful forces in the capital, Tian Jing City. As for the finer details, they still had to investigate further.

Afterwards, Yun Bixue brought Yang Mei and the rest along as they followed Qin Huailing. They arrived at a villa deep in the mountains.

As soon as Yun Bixue looked at the wooden villa in front of her, she gasped. “I didn’t expect that such a villa was concealed within this nature reserve. It couldn’t even be captured when shot from above.” It was hidden too well and too deep in the forestno wonder it couldn’t be captured. In addition to that, the color of the structure was similar to the surrounding vegetation, providing a good camouflage. If she wasn’t looking at it with her own eyes, she wouldn’t be able to tell it apart from a distance.

Qin Huailing’s clear gaze turned somewhat blank. “That’s right. I didn’t expect that I’ll come back here one day. As luck would have it, I met you as well.”