Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 337

Chapter 337 Mimicking Yun Bixue's Clothing Preferences?

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The moment Xie Limo got down from his car, he was caught in a trance when he saw this person. He thought he saw his wife Yun Bixue, but upon closer look, he realized that the person was only similar to her in terms of clothing style.

Of course, Jiang Jingshan saw the trance in Xie Limo’s eyes. She was very satisfied to be the cause of it. She had researched about Yun Bixue’s style preferences and what she wore on a daily basis. She then dressed in the same style to resemble her.

From the day Young Master Xie arrived in Tian Jing City, women swooned all over him. However, he remained loyal to his wife and never spared them a single glance. Even after such a long time, he was never seen with any woman by his side.

This was the best kind of manfar better than those young masters from aristocratic families.

He could make one’s heart flutter in a single glance. Such furious beating of her heart This feeling of love was something she had never experienced before.

Since he wouldn’t look at her, no matter how beautiful she was, she could only imitate Yun Bixue. Even if she felt that Yun Bixue was beneath heras long as it suited to the tastes of Young Master Xieshe could turn a blind eye to the process and focus on her goals.

At that moment, she knew that she was halfway to successshe had already stirred up Young Master Xie’s emotions. She raised her head confidently, waiting for Xie Limo to initiate a conversation. Her heart almost jumped out of her throat in anticipation.

Xie Limo remained indifferent. Staring at the woman in front of him reminded him of his wife. His heart grew weary, not focusing on Jiang Jingshan in front of him.

Finally, Jiang Jingshan could no longer wait. “Young Master Xie?”

Xie Limo gave her a cursory glance. Lips tilting up coldly, he said, “Miss Jiang probably came to the wrong place. Xie Liu, contact Elder Jiang. Miss Jiang is probably lost!”

Not giving her any chance, Xie Limo did not hold back on his wordsthey struck Miss Jiang like lightning. Her face paled and her legs became unsteady.

She witnessed the stirring of emotions within Young Master Xie, so it was impossible that he felt nothing for her.

“Young Master Xie” Jiang Jingshan did not want to give up, so she attempted to continue the conversation. However, Xie Limo already went around her, walking into the villa.

Jiang Jingshan wanted to chase after him, but she was stopped by Xie Liu. “Miss Jiang, you’re a smart person. You should know what you can and cannot do!” After saying those words, Xie Liu sneered at her as he entered the villa. With a press of a button, the gates closed shut. Jiang Jingshan could not enter even if she wanted to.

Jiang Jingshan refused to give up. Instead, she hid for a moment, then a glint of determination shone in her eyes as she thought of an idea.

Xie Liu shook his head as he walked in.Women nowadays are really crazy, coming up with all sorts of weird ideas. To imitate the style of Young Madam, she looked neither fish nor fowl. If it wasn’t for Young Master Xie, who did not want to touch Tian Jing City yet, this Miss Jiang would have already been tossed far, far away.

Once inside the villa, Xie Limo began to pack his things. When he was done, he sat on the bed, wanting to rest for a bit while waiting for Xie Liu to bring the plane tickets. After all, he had been busy since he wanted to finish his business here quickly. That way, he would be able to return earlier since he couldn’t stop worrying about his wife.

Xie Liu entered the room with the plane tickets and an invitation in his hands. “Young Master Xie, this is an invitation from Elder Jiang. He wishes to meet Young Master to discuss some personal matters.”

A dangerous aura emitted from Xie Limo’s elegant features as his pale pink lips curled up apathetically. “How interesting. Elder Jiang’s invitation arrived right after Miss Jiang left?” Finishing his statement, he gracefully stood up and walked to the window. He looked at the spring scenery with an unreadable expression.