Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 338

Chapter 338 Jiang Family Harboring Ulterior Motives Towards Young Master Xie

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Looking at Young Master Xie’s distant expression, Xie Liu realized that Young Master Xie was becoming irritated.Jiang family is literally testing Young Master Xie’s patience.

According to the information they received, Jiang family prospered due to Xu family of Ning An City. By extension, Miss Xuwho had once offended Young Madamwould naturally cause Young Master Xie to be repulsed by Jiang family. Furthermore, it was apparent that Jiang family’s granddaughter had ulterior motives for Young Master Xie.

Everyone knew how much Young Master Xie doted on Young Madam. The Jiang family did not know their own limits, or was it because all these influential families thought that they could decide on everything, just because it had been a long time since Xie family’s appearance?

“Young Master Xie, Miss Jiang will not give up, and if she doesn’t, Elder Jiang will not as well. It is widely known that the only person the elder dotes on is his granddaughter.” In fact, Xie Liu had to hand it to Miss Jiang. She was able to make Elder Jiang send a personal invitation to meet Young Master Xie.

Xie Limo knitted his brows, showing his displeasure. He had no feelings for this Miss Jiang. “The young lady of Jiang family?” Even though Xie Limo thought hard about it, he could not remember Miss Jiang’s full name.

“In reply to Young Master Xie’s question, the lady from before is the granddaughter of Jiang family, Jiang Jingshan.” As Xie family’s sixth bodyguard, from the moment they reached Tian Jing City, he had already memorized the identities of anyone who they might come across.

Xie Liu paused for a moment before he continued, “We’ve just received information with regards to Jiang family. Miss Jiang had sent people to look up on Young Madam’s style and clothing preferences just so that you will like her. Also, they thought that even if you already had Madam by your side, you could always cast Madam away to choose her.”

After listening to what Xie Liu said, Xie Limo’s elegant features started to emit a dangerous aura. His lips tilted up into a smirk. “In that case, let’s meet Elder Jiang.”

Xie Liu prayed for Miss Jiang, Jiang Jingshan. Out of everyone she could anger, she just had to choose Young Master Xie. With the might and social status of Xie family, Young Master Xie would be able to choose any beauty that he wantedwhat would he have not seen before? However, Young Master Xie would not even spare a glance at anyone, doting only on Young Madam. It was obvious in his eyes that no one could ever compare to Young Madam.

Moreover, Miss Jiang would only end up humiliating herself by trying to look like Young Madam.

Would Miss Jiang be considered to be too overconfident or too narcissistic? Would she be considered to be too smart or too stupid?For him, the outcome was still something to be seen.

Upon receiving the reply, Elder Jiang laughed joyfully. “My granddaughter Jingshan is the most charming.” If Young Master Xie were to become his grandson-in-law, he would be the envy of the whole Tian Jing City.

Jiang Jingshan stared at her reflection in the mirror. This was the style that Yun Bixue likes. She was curious about one thing: Her clothing and style could not be purchased, let alone seen, in the stores. She probably got them custom-made for her.

After feeling satisfied with her own reflection in the mirror, she turned her head to reply to her grandfather. “Grandfather’s the best. Since it’s your personal invitation, Young Master Xie will definitely come.”

“Yes. Since we can only base our knowledge of Xie family on the rumors that had been going around for years, we should approach this carefully. ”

With a confident smile, Jiang Jingshan replied, “I understand, Grandfather.”

When Xie Limo arrived at Jiang family’s house, Elder Jiang led a group of people to receive him at the entrance, then welcomed him into the guest roomjust like how one would do it when inviting over a guest of honor.

“Young Master Xie, thank you for respecting the wishes of this old man. It’s an honor for Jiang family to have you here.”

“You’re too kind Elder Jiang. However, you should know that I’m a very busy person, so if you have anything you wanted to say, please get straight to the point!” Xie Limo said in a cold voice, devoid of any expression. It was the complete opposite of the warm welcome given by Jiang family.

Elder Jiang’s face turned awkward. He did not expect Young Master Xie to play his cards in this manner, which was unlike the norm. Could it be that the Xie family have some hidden power?