Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 339

Chapter 339 Xie Family's Skills In Hypnotism

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Elder Jiang was hesitant at first, but seeing Xie Limo’s apathetic face, he lightly coughed before asking, “Young Master Xie, what do you think of the current situation here in Tian Jing City?”

Xie Limo replied lightly, “How Elder Jiang sees it is how I see it.”

Even an old fox like Elder Jiang felt anxious from Xie Limo’s indifferent attitude. He had never seen such a difficult character. From the moment he stepped in, his impassive face was unyielding, showing no readable changes in his expressions.

Elder Jiang, who had been in this circle for decades, had seen and mingled with all kinds of people. It was unthinkable that he couldn’t grasp the motives of this young man, even with the aid of numerous attentive eyes. Young Master Xie remained expressionless. Elder Jiang was starting to worry for his granddaughter.This person would be a tough egg to crack.

Naturally, Xie Limo knew what Elder Jiang was thinking, but he did not want to respond. As soon as he stepped inside, he had been observing the whole Jiang family, and made his own assessment with regards to them.

At that moment, Jiang Jingshan appeared. Kneeling beside the coffee table, she poured tea for both Young Master Xie and Elder Jiang. All that time, Xie Limo did not even take a single glance at her.

Elder Jiang initiated the conservation. It contained the hidden meaning that if Jiang family were to have a marriage alliance with Xie family, they would lend a hand to Young Master Xie. They would further aid him by joining forces with their alliances at Tian Jing City and other places.

Elder Jiang felt that this would be a win-win situation for Young Master Xie. However, Xie Limo saw the offer in contempt and thought nothing of it.

The reason why Xie family reigned for such a long period of time was because they did not rely on arranged marriages, let alone women. The men worked for the world that they desired. Because of that, the Xie family heirs had all the freedom to love whoever they wanted.

Elder Jiang appeared a little enthusiastic as he looked at Xie Limo. “What does Young Master Xie think of my suggestion?”

Xie Limo revealed an elegant, but dangerous smile. “Would Elder Jiang agree to let me talk to Miss Jiang for a moment?”

Hearing those words, Elder Jiang was elated beyond measure. He rushed to leave the room and closed the door behind, leaving them alone.

Once Elder Jiang had left, Xie Liu appeared beside Xie Limo. With a flick of his wrist, Xie Limo said, “Begin.”

“Yes.” Xie Liu promptly began using his hypnotic skills on Jiang Jingshan. The skill required a lot of mental vigor. It was a rare skill that was only passed down in the Xie family.

Because Jiang Jingshan was so smitten with Young Master Xie, Xie Liu had to spend an incredible amount of effort to twist her thoughts. “Okay, your grandfather is just using you. You don’t like Young Master Xie at all, and you’re against the arrangement made by your grandfather.”

“I do not like Young Master Xie. I’m against the arrangement made by my grandfather” Jiang Jingshan repeated Xie Liu’s words like a wooden puppet.

“Wake up. You will forget about everything that had just happened. You did not see anything and you do not know anything.

Jiang Jingshan woke up groggily after the hypnotism succeeded. The moment she saw Xie Limo, something strange flashed in her eyes as she felt a strong feeling of repulsion within her. Without any hesitation, she opened the door and left the room.

Xie Limo left with Xie Liu right after that. All Elder Jiang heard was that his granddaughter no longer liked Young Master Xiethe feeling was so strong that she was unwilling to be in the same house as him. He was shocked. What had happened all of a sudden? Were his efforts all for nothing?

At that moment, Elder Jiang was not aware of his actions and their consequences. His greed this time had costed him his control over his granddaughter. Subconsciously, she thought that her grandfather was just treating her as a pawn.

Ning An City

Li Wenhui’s efforts to show up and prove herself had finally made Su Lenghan notice her. Li Wenhui spoke and introduced herself, which allowed Su Lenghan to finally remember her as the woman that night.