Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 34

Chapter 34: You Must be on Guard for Your Safety

Finally, the banquet ended on bad terms. Old Lady Shen and Yun Bixue went to the second floor for a confrontation, and the former prepared a cup of tea for Yun Bixue.

"Bixue, I know you hooked up with Young Master Xie recently. Do you think you are mature and independent enough that I can do nothing to you?"

"You're joking, Grandma. You previously said that as long as I save Grandfather, your condition will no longer be valid!" Yun Bixue spoke with a straight face.

"Bixue, you did save your grandfather, but the Yun family business went bankrupt. If the Yun family wants to re-establish its former glory, it can only depend on you. You must know that Young Master Xie is an outsider transferred to our Ning An City. It remains unclear whether he really can govern Ning An City."

Old Lady Shen maintained a smile, but her eyes glowed.

Yun Bixue laid on the sofa languidly and said plainly, "Grandma, you need not fret over Young Master Xie's welfare. You should be troubled over your own health."

She didn't mind toying with this old woman when pushed to a corner.

"Bixue, I see that you still have not internalized my words. I heard that Young Master Xie went to Tian Jing City for a meeting today. If something happened along his journey, aren't you left with no one to rely on? Moreover, if he could become the governor of Ning An City, he could at the same time be dismissed by the rich and powerful of Ning An City. Don't you agree?"

"That's why you should still spare a thought for the Yun family. Your only support left would be the Yun family."

Old Lady Shen spoke with a straight face, her line of sight focusing only on Yun Bixue's face.

Hearing such intimidation again, Yun Bixue's face turned white, and a murderous look flashed across her eyes. She had her own caring family after much adversity, and no one should think about sabotaging it.

She stood up abruptly and sneered, "I think you must be confused. You should know the consequences of blackmailing me."

"You have matured, and I can no longer hold you back. Nonetheless, I still prioritize the interests of the Yun family. I hope that you will reconsider."

Exiting the Yun family home into the courtyard, Su Lengxian was there waiting for her. Seeing her arrival, she blocked Yun Bixue's path.

"You have not left?"

"Yun Bixue, I was waiting for you. Your past self had all been a pretense. My brother was right to ditch you.

You are such a hypocritical person, feigning innocence in front of my brother. You were, in reality, a ruthless and promiscuous person down to your core..."

Yun Bixue's eyebrows twitched, and she glared coldly at Su Lengxian. "I said get out my way!"

"What did you say? Yun Bixue, how dare you speak to me like that?"

"Get lost!" Her voice was harsh and compelling. Yun Bixue flung Su Lengxian away and marched toward her car.

After getting on, she drove to the airport right away. Her mind was filled with what that old woman had said.

She had known the old woman for many years and knew what she was capable of. She was a psychopath down to her bones.

During that moment earlier, she had the impulse to kill that psychopath. This old woman with no blood relations to her could only control her life in her dreams.

As Xie Shiyi drove, Yun Bixue fished out her phone and dialed a number.

"Hello..." A melodious voice came from the phone.

Yun Bixue relaxed. Hearing his voice, she finally felt at ease.

"My dear, why aren't you speaking?"

Hearing that deep voice addressing her through the phone her heart mellowed and her lips curled up. "What are you doing?"

A giggle sounded suddenly, and the pleasant voice carried a tinge of concern. "My dear, are you worried?"

Yun Bixue felt bashful and said softly, "No, but you must be on guard to stay safe."

With that, there was a loud bang and a shrill crashing sound resonated.