Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 340

Chapter 340 Infatuation

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Su Lenghan looked at Li Wenhui in front of him. She was different from the woman he saw that night. Su Lenghan couldn’t exactly tell how they were different, but seeing this woman caked in thick makeup made him furrow his brows.

“All that effort to come into my office was just to say this?” With that, he simply lowered his head, resuming his work on the computer.

Li Wenhui saw the indifferent expression on Su Lenghan’s face and panicked a little. Fiddling with her sleeves, she said, “No, Young Master Su. I just I just wanted to see you.”

After speaking, Li Wenhui bowed her head, waiting for Su Lenghan’s reply.

After a long while, Su Lenghan looked at Li Wenhui once more and said, “I’ve received the coffee you sent. Since you’ve already seen me, you can go back now!”

Li Wenhui raised her head, looking at Su Lenghan with infatuated eyes, before saying, “Young Master Su, can you let me follow you? Even if it’s just pouring tea, I’m willing to serve you.”

Su Lenghan typed a little on his keyboard before using his finger to lightly tap the table. “Li Wenhui, was it? Why do you bother doing this? I’m already a man with a family. The money I have given you should be enough for you to spend. Is it too little? If it’s not enough, just let me know.”

Hearing his words, Li Wenhui felt that her love for him was ruthlessly discarded. No, she was not doing this for the money.

At that moment, Li Wenhui’s eyes started to well up with tears. “Young Master Su, I I’m not after your money. I really just want to follow you It’s okay even if I do menial work here at the company.”

Su Lenghan was unable to comprehend how a woman could be so humble. Staring at the lady in front of his eyes, he involuntarily thought about Yun Bixue.

Yun Bixue back then cared for herself and treated herself nicely. He could feel the strength stemming from her gentleness and loyalty. She never felt the need to humble herself. She only understood, never the one to take away his troubles.

It was safe to say that she would be by your side when you needed her. Likewise, she would not appear when you did not need her.

Su Lenghan’s heart ached. This was different. Perhaps he was not the person he was from before, and could no longer find those feelings from the past. In the past, he was too busy with his career, and became too arrogant and pompous. Because of that, he failed to cherish what he had.

The words from Yun Bixue that night made him reflect. Could he only bring suffering to women? Was he actually the problem? That was why he reflected a lot to change his views. He wanted to treat Meng Xinyan nicely and make her feel protected. He didn’t want her to cause anymore trouble.

What Su Lenghan did not know was that every woman is different. Some knew how to cherish, while others only changed for the worse.

If it was Su Lenghan from the past, he would have coldly asked his bodyguard to take Li Wenhui outside. However, his heart now had experienced ups and downs, and knew the pain of being hurt. This guilt from hurting Yun Bixue was something that he didn’t want to experience anymorehe couldn’t inflict the same pain on anyone else.

He sighed forlornly. “Just leave. I cannot give you anything. You’re still young and surrounded by a lot of outstanding individuals. Find someone and settle down.”

Li Wenhui’s heart ached painfully from the bitterness of rejectionfrom loving someone who did not love you back. Tears streamed down her face. “Young Master Xie, as long as I can see you everyday, I don’t mind.”

The moment those words left Li Wenhui’s mouth, the door to his office opened. Meng Xinyan entered carrying a thermal lunchbox. With just a glance, she knew that this sobbing woman wearing heavy makeup was Li Wenhui.

Meng Xinyan’s female intuition was telling her that this woman was out to seduce Su Lenghan!