Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 341

Chapter 341 Intolerable

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Meng Xinyan dropped the lunchbox on the floor. Looking towards Su Lenghan, she said in a sharp voice, “Lenghan, tell me what’s going on here. Is this b*tch trying to seduce you?”

Meng Xinyan’s fury peaked. She stepped forward, grabbing a handful of Li Wenhui’s hair while yelling, “You b*tch! How dare you seduce Lenghan! He’s my husband! Who do you think you are? You b*tch!”

Meng Xinyan did not recognize that Li Wenhui was the nurse she fought with that day at the hospital. She had changed dramaticallyfrom a plain jane to a heavily made-up woman. People who were not familiar with her would not be able to recognize her.

Li Wenhui’s hair was pulled so forcefully that she shrieked in pain.

Su Lenghan was stunned for a long moment before he realized what was happening. He lunged forward to grab Meng Xinyan’s arm. “Meng Xinyan, that’s enough. This is the office. If you want to make a ruckus, do it at home. Don’t you think that this is embarrassing enough?”

Meng Xinyan stared at his hand and let out an even more crazed look. “Su Lenghan, are you trying to protect your mistress? This b*tch! Your office never employed women and your secretaries are all men. Who is she? Is she here to seduce you?”

Meng Xinyan’s string of questions left Su Lenghan speechless. Strictly speaking, he did have a one night affair with her, but nothing had happened today.

“Tell me, Su Lenghan, you Do you still remember what you said before? You said that you will love and protect me. Have you already forgotten all about it?”

Su Lenghan froze, stepping backwards as his face paled slightly. “Meng Xinyan, I didn’t forget, but you changed. You’ve changed into someone unreasonable. Look at how you are behaving right now. Is this what you meant by wanting to change and lead a meaningful life?”

Meng Xinyan’s eyes widened. She snapped out of her hysterics, instantly regretting her actions. She had originally decided to turn over a new leafto live life peacefully. However, her fury took over every single rational thought.

Su Lenghan had been going on so many business trips recently that it became hard to even see him. No matter how much she pestered him, he remained cold as ice. His mother even gave him ideas about how men should be cajoled, pampered and flirted by women. Mother Chen Pei told her that her greatest asset was the child within her. As long as she became more gentle, there would be a chance for her to win back Su Lenghan’s heart.

She just promised that she will change, but she was not able to control herself. “Su Lenghan, please believe me. I’m sincere about wanting to change. It’s all her fault. It’s because this b*tch wants to seduce you. I’m just worried and scared”

Seeing how cold and unmoving Su Lenghan was, in a blink of an eye, Meng Xinyan held her stomach as she squatted down. “Lenghan, my stomach hurts. Ouch My baby!”

Su Lenghan stood his ground, his mind full of doubt. She had done this too many times that he no longer knew if he could trust her.

It was Li Wenhui who spoke instead. “I know some medical skills, so please let me take a look at Madam.” After speaking, she went ahead and grabbed Meng Xinyan’s wrist to take her pulse.

No matter how much Meng Xinyan struggled, Li Wenhui insisted on taking her pulse. “Young Master Su, Madam is completely fine.”

“You You ” Meng Xinyan desperately wanted to stab this woman to death.

In the end, Su Lenghan personally dragged Meng Xinyan away and sent her home. He also ordered the human resource department to settle Li Wenhui’s salary.

At that moment, Li Wenhui knew that she could no longer stay in Su Family Organization.

After his flight schedule to Ning An City had been settled, Xie Limo personally chose some specialties and presents from Tian Jing City. Wearing his sunglasses, he carried a lot of shopping bags while boarding the plane.

There were a lot of passengers on the plane. Craning their necks, they all seemed curious about this gentleman who seemed to emit an aura of nobility, dazzling all bystanders. Even with the bags on his hands, which seemed out of place, he was still a sight to be seen.

Young Master Xie’s thoughts were full of anticipation of seeing his wife. Completely ignoring the weird looks from his fellow passengers, he wondered what kind of expression she would make once she saw these presents.