Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 342

Chapter 342 Thoughts For One Another

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Seeing Young Master Xie’s warm expression, Xie Liu lowered his head as he mused. Ever since he started following Young Master Xie, he had only seen his cool and indifferent self. This down-to-earth side of him had caught him off guard.

Is Young Master Xie unaware of his effect to others? His smiles are capable of charming people to death .

Still, his Young Master remained completely oblivious and continued to bask in his happy thoughts. Times had indeed changed. Young Master Xie had completely changed after knowing Young Madam.

Where is his cool and aloof composure—his demigod image?

Xie Limo remembered the previous time he bought a doll for his wife. His heart ached at seeing how touched and easily satisfied she was by the gifts. She had too many unpleasant memories. He vowed that he would help her forget about them, leaving only the happy ones for her to reminisce.

His lips tilted up into an elegant smile as he looked at the souvenirs and presents he bought. This was his first time shopping around to personally find a present she might like.

Because Xie Limo was reminded of his wife’s cute expressions, he didn’t feel tired at all. His heart was brimming with anticipation to see what kind of expression she would make when she saw him.

When Xie Limo snapped out of his reverie, he couldn’t help a chuckle escaping from his lips— even he could have such complicated emotions.

After two days of staying at a wooden villa in Forest Green, Yun Bixue missed Xie Limo dearly. When it was late night and things had settled down, she would always pick up her phone to stare at Xie Limo’s name, desperately wanting to call him.

For the past two months, she got used to hearing his voice before sleeping. Without it, she found it hard to sleep.

Whenever she couldn’t fall asleep, she would just curl up in her blanket, thinking about the sweet and warm moments they shared since they first met. The more she thought of him, the more she missed him. He had done so much for her, and yet she had only done too little in return.

The wound in her heart was almost completely healed by him already.

Remembering their last conversation over the phone, a glimmer of hope sparked through Yun Bixue’s heart. Could it be possible that by the time she reached home, Xie Limo would have already returned from Tian Jing City? She felt that it had been a very long time since she last saw her husband.

She wondered if he missed her as well?

While having such blissful thoughts, Yun Bixue fell into a deep sleep. The next morning, Yun Bixue cooked porridge for breakfast. After their meal, she said her farewells to Qin Huailing. “I’m going back to Ning An City now. Aren’t you going back?”

Qin Huailing smiled at her. “I still have some business to settle here, so I won’t be going back yet.”

Yun Bixue nodded. She developed a sort of kinship with Qin Huailing for the past two days. He was like a younger brother to her. Qin Huailing, who was strong-willed yet fragile, hid too much within his heart. The burden he carried was much too heavy. The people around him could not help him—he could only rely on himself.

She wanted to go back to ask Xie Limo if it was possible to find a good doctor overseas who could heal Qin Huailing’s legs.

While Yun Bixue was on her way back from Zi Bei City to Ning An City, Xie Limo was already carrying a bunch of souvenirs and presents back home.

When he arrived at the villa, his wife’s excited silhouette was nowhere to be seen. The disappointment in his heart became evident in his eyes as he looked at things with a distant expression.

Seeing the depressed figure of Xie Limo, Old Master Yun naturally figured out what he was thinking. He quickly explained, “Limo, when you were not here, that child Bixue immersed herself in work. Even though she doesn’t mention it, everyone knows that she’s using work to keep herself busy because she misses you. This time, she went to Zi Bei City to enter a certain movie industry and did not say when she would be back.”