Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 343

Chapter 343 Without Her Something Feels Missing From My Heart

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Hearing Old Master Yun’s words, Xie Limo’s heart ached for her, wondering if she had taken good care of herself. With how hard she pushed herself, would she be too exhausted?

Old Master Yun saw the obvious guilt and heartache in Xie Limo’s eyes, and sighed to himself. He was already old, it was good to be young. Nevertheless, he could finally have a peace of mind—his son-in-law truly cared for his granddaughter.

In his generation, even if they treated their wives well, the care wasn’t to this extent.

“Grandfather, where did she go for her business trip?”

Old Master Yun thought for a moment before replying, “I think it was Zi Bei City.”

Hearing Zi Bei City, Xie Limo’s heart skipped a beat as he thought about the past few days. A faint glint flickered through his eyes, reflecting his deep thoughts. “Grandfather, when she was away on her business trip, did she ever call?”

Old Master Yun laughed. “That girl is very good. She called home to say that she was doing well and that she would be home soon. Don’t worry too much alright?” Seeing how Xie Limo worried for his granddaughter, Old Master Yun’s mood improved tremendously.

Xie Limo thought about it for a while and nodded his head. Taking out the gifts for the others, he returned home with Yun Bixue’s presents.

In the past, whenever he returned home, she was always there waiting for him. Facing an empty bedroom now, his heart felt a little empty, as if it was missing something.

Xie Limo sat at the edge of the bed and closed his eyes. His heart felt more and more depressed. Suddenly, opening his magnificent eyes, he picked up his phone and dialed a number.

“Ring, ring…”

“Ring, ring…”

After two call attempts with no one picking up, Xie Limo stood up and moved to the study. He called in Xie Liu while emitting a gloomy aura.

When Xie Liu entered the study and saw Young Master Xie’s cold expression, he did not dare to utter a word.

But the moment he entered the room, Young Master Xie’s phone rang. After looking at it, the dark aura around him dissipated immediately.

Xie Liu let out a relieved sigh. Without guessing, he knew that it was Young Madam, so he left the study quietly and closed the door, leaving Young Master Xie alone.

As Xie Liu left the study, he murmured softly, “Young Madam.”

Xie Liu shook his head. He could not understand the thoughts of Young Master Xie and Young Madam. After all, was worrying really necessary once one did not see the other at home? That did not seem completely like the case. There was always something which was worrying Young Master Xie.

Xie Liu’s expression suddenly changed as he thought of something. He was afraid that this would be the calm before the storm. As the next matriarch of the Xie Family, Young Madam still had to go through a lot of obstacles and trials. He didn’t know if the trust between Young Master Xie and Young Madam could withstand all that.

Xie Liu sighed. Forget it, this is not something a sixth bodyguard should be worried about .

Yun Bixue was on a bustling street and did not hear her phone ringing. Seeing the missed calls, she immediately called Xie Limo back.

After hearing that Xie Limo was already home, Yun Bixue was elated and began chattering like a sparrow. She told him the events from the past few days.

Xie Limo hid a smile as he listened patiently.

Once Yun Bixue was finished speaking, Xie Limo asked, “Wife, are you on your way back?”

“Yes, I will reach home in the afternoon.”

Xie Limo’s expression softened. “Do you need me to pick you up?”

“Nope, it’s alright. Xie Qi, Xie Ba and Yang Mei are all here. Nothing will go wrong.” Yun Bixue’s crisp voice was conveyed over the call—it was obvious that she was in a good mood.

Xie Limo nodded. “Okay, but do remember to be careful.”

“Gosh, I know, Mr. Xie!”

After the call ended, Xie Limo relaxed visibly. He stared at the data on the computer screen, but he wasn’t processing anything. He didn’t know that time could pass this slowly.