Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 344

Chapter 344 The Panic Of The Two Noble Families

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Xie Limo’s slender figure leaned back on the chair. He closed his eyes to take a quick nap, but his mind was filled with Yun Bixue’s silhouette. He was already used to having her at home—used to feeling her presence and seeing traces of her around.

He didn’t think much about this before, but he could now understand how she felt waiting for him to return home every day. This feeling of emptiness and worry—is this how she felt each day?

The more he thought about it, the more self-blame filled him, his guilt consuming him. From now on, he would do his best to return home earlier.

Now that he had been in Yun Bixue’s shoes—experienced the anxiousness of waiting for someone—he started to empathize and be aware of the unease his own wife felt.

No matter what weather it was, she always left the lights on. No matter how tired she was or how late he came back, she never questioned and doubted him. She only showed him understanding and consideration.

During lunch, Xie Limo had a hard time swallowing his food. His loss of appetite caused him to eat only a few bites before returning to work in his study. By keeping himself busy, he could distract himself from worrying and let time pass by quickly.

When he looked up to check the time, it was already four in the afternoon. Once he saw and counted the time, Xie Limo let out a sigh of relief. She should be back soon.

Meanwhile, a cloud of gloom reigned over the Du and Zheng families in Ning An City. The feeling of impending doom was making them nervous.

“Father, what’s this? What should we do about this?”

“Yeah, will our Du family just end like this?”

In his anxiousness, Master Du hollered, “Don’t be absurd. Our Du family is doing fine right now. What does a housewife like you know.”

“What did you do? What did you plot against, huh? Look around you, every single person in our Du family has been in despair for the past few days. No one can even smile. We were doing fine, so why did you have to go and provoke Miss Yun? Did you already forget what happened to the Shen and Jia families?”

“Hmph. Your son suffered from humiliation because of her. His face hasn’t even recovered yet. Are you going to take it sitting down just like that?”

Madam Du, who was furious beyond measure, laughed instead. “If it weren’t for you plotting against others with the Shen family, they wouldn’t have retaliated this way. Don’t go finding an honorable reason for yourself. It was because of your own ambition, not because of the indignation you felt for your son!”

“I’m going to beat you to death, you woman, daring to talk to me in that manner—” Not even bothering to finish his sentence, Master Du picked up the cup beside him and threw it at Madam Du.

Realizing that the situation was quickly turning sour, Young Master Du said, “Father, please stop. Mother, leave quickly please.”

Master Du grabbed at his chest. “She’s going to be the death of me…”

Although Madam Du was scared, she could not help but sob. The moment she thought about the possibility that their Du family could end up like the Shen family, she bawled even louder. Her sobbing was ceaseless.

“What are you crying about? Du family is still doing well. It’s all going to be because of you that—”

“Don’t try to put it so nicely. Aren’t you scared? With that meager power of yours, you still want to fight against the Yun family? Don’t forget, Young Master Xie is back now. Let’s see how you’re going to clean up this mess…”

Master Du was getting increasingly perturbed that his face started to blanch. It was initially discussed with Zheng family that they’ll mobilize all of their men of sacrifice to kill Yun Bixue. It was supposed to be done without anyone realizing it, but now, none of their men of sacrifice returned. There were even reports stating that Yun Bixue had returned from Zi Bei City, which meant that the mission was a failure!

Hearing the quarreling amongst the Du Family, the servants roughly understood the situation.

All of them began to quit their jobs to find another way of providing for themselves.

At the Zheng family, it was the same situation. It was probably over for the Zheng family as well. After much discussion between Miss Zheng’s parents, only one solution was found. “Xiaoshu, after talking about it, we decided that only you can save the Zheng Family. You’re a girl and, appearance-wise, you’re pretty as well. Would you be willing if we send you over to Young Master Xie?”