Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 347

Chapter 347 Young Master Xie's Tender Love Towards Young Madam

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Xie Limo hugged Yun Bixue with one hand, and used the other to gently caress her back. He said, “Take a look at your gifts.” His voice sounded a little husky.

Yun Bixue’s cheeks turned red as she lowered her head in embarrassment. Xie Limo didn’t tease her anymore. He began to help her open up her gifts for her to take a look.

Xie Limo opened up the boxes and Yun Bixue peeked inside. She saw that the boxes were filled with a variety of snacks. Some boxes contained different kinds of little toys, while others were filled with traditional accessories. Some of them had clothes and shoes inside.

There were a lot of different items, dazzling her eyes. Although these things weren’t too pricey, she knew that they were more precious than any other things.

She could imagine how he combed through all the streets and alleys just to select these items. Sometimes, he would have to visit several stores before finding what he wanted.

Looking at these gifts, she could read his mind. As she looked longer at them, Yun Bixue’s heart throbbed. She couldn’t contain her tears as they trickled down her face.

Noticing that Yun Bixue was crying, Xie Limo abruptly felt flustered. He felt anxious as his heart ached. “What happened? You don’t like them? Or are you unhappy? Tell me. Stop crying…”

Xie Limo gently wiped Yun Bixue’s tears away as he comforted her. Her tears had really carved inside him, burning his heart.

The more Xie Limo comforted her in such a gentle manner, the more she sobbed. She was just like a child—the more an adult comforted a child, the louder she would wail. Because there was someone who cared for her, she couldn’t take it and let herself bawl unreservedly.

She wanted to say something, but couldn’t get anything out of her mouth. She could only shake her head.

Xie Limo sighed softly. He continued to comfort her while kissing all her tears away. “Enough, stop crying. If you don’t like them, don’t open them. I’ll go again and buy whatever you like, okay?”

With a loud sob, Yun Bixue embraced Xie Limo. Resting her head on Xie Limo’s shoulder, she choked on her tears.

Xie Limo felt helpless. He could only caress her hair and gently coaxed, “Stop crying. Stop crying, okay?”

With this, Yun Bixue released all her suppressed emotions. Her past had really been too tough. Nowadays, her life was too pleasant. Comparing her past with her present life, she felt very touched, yet very bittersweet.

After she regained her composure, she used a piece of tissue to wipe her tears. Choking on her tears, she said, “Limo, why are you so nice to me?”

Xie Limo looked sincerely at Yun Bixue. Using his smooth jade-like fingers, he wiped her tears away. “Silly, why are you asking me that again? Haven’t I told you before? You are my wife. If I don’t treat you well, who should I treat well?”

“Is it just because I’m your wife?”

Xie Limo looked at Yun Bixue’s reddened eyes. His heart ached as he said, “I only have one wife, and that’s you. It’s because you’re you, that’s why I treat you well.” He really didn’t understand why women had no sense of security.

He had always thought that he didn’t need to verbalize certain things. Just feeling it in his heart was already sufficient. However, this didn’t seem to be the case for women. Sometimes, he still had to say some things, so that her heart would feel grounded and be at ease.

Yun Bixue stopped crying and broke into a smile. “Limo, you’re really wonderful. In the past, no one had ever cared about me. That’s why I lost control. I felt too touched. These gifts are great and I love them. I want to prepare a room to specially put all the gifts you’ve given me.” On his next business trip, she could look at all these gifts to get over the sorrow of missing him.

“Sure, as long as you stop crying, anything is possible.”

After looking through all the gifts, Yun Bixue carefully and painstakingly packed everything and put them away. Xie Limo then asked Yun Bixue about her visit to Zi Bei City. In reality, he felt suspicious and worried deep inside.