Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 35

Chapter 35: A Car Accident

The piercing noise reached Xie Limo on the other end of the phone. His intricate brows knitted and his heart palpitated. "What happened?"

Yun Bixue struggled to sit upright and covered her head tightly. She shook her head at Xie Shiyi, then gritted her teeth as she tried to calm down. She said through the phone, "Limo, I am fine. It seems that two vehicles ahead of us were involved in a small accident. We will go take a look first and talk to you later."

With that, she hung up the call and dialed for the police.

The truck in front flashed its lights and reversed, almost slamming into their car.

Xie Shiyi was bleeding at that moment, but she focused ahead and swerved, avoiding the vehicle in front.

"Young Madam, hold on tight."

"Xie Shiyi, I am getting out of the car. Let's work together." This was a plotted murder. Either they die, or they destroy that car.

Afterward, Yun Bixue ripped a cloth into pieces and wrapped it around her wound. She got off, but the truck was already on the escape.

She started sprinting and using the railings by her side, she lurched forward, landing on the cabin of the truck. Having grabbed a hammer prior, she shattered the glass window with it.

As the glass cracked, she knocked out the driver and dove right into the driver's seat. Within this pressing moment, she gained control of the truck.

"Bang!" The truck diverged from the direction of Xie Shiyi's car and crashed into the railings at the side. At this critical instant, the truck came to a halt.

As Yun Bixue heaved a sigh of relief, her hands stopped trembling, and she passed out.

Su Lenghan received a call from his sister weeping. He had rushed over but witnessed this horrifying scene on the secluded road.

That lady who leaped forward was gorgeous beyond words, looking as alluring as a flower. He quivered from her beauty; she was Yun Bixue!

After three years of relationship, he was familiar with her silhouette but never knew that she practiced martial arts.

In the car, Meng Xinyan was so horrified that she turned pale. That scene had been alarmingly dangerous.

Su Lenghan lost the gentleness in his face and slammed on the accelerator. The car bolted forward to the scene, and he got off to save Yun Bixue.

After sending Yun Bixue and Xie Shiyi to the hospital, both of them were sent straight to emergency care.

Su Lenghan lingered along the corridors, his usual gentleness now tainted with some solemnity.

Meng Xinyan had been petrified, and the car also tore through the roads. She had vomited several times, and her face remained as pale.

She weakly looked at Su Lenghan, her heart feeling indignant. On other days, Su Lenghan would already be comforting her dearly, but his attention was solely focused on the emergency room ahead.

Biting her lips, she meekly called, "Lenghan."

Seeing Meng Xinyan's fragile demeanor, Su Lenghan's gaze softened. He took her in his arms and patted. "Don't overthink. Go home and rest first. I will wait here."

"Lenghan, shall we inform Yun Bixue's family? Mother is waiting for our return for dinner. If she learns about this, she will be worried."

She simply did not want Su Lenghan to stay here. She had clearly seen it earlierthat intense distress in Su Lenghan's eyes was something that she had not seen before.

Seeing Meng Xinyan's tears and sickly pale face, Su Lenghan could not bear with it and nodded after some thought. He then called the Yun family.

Meng Xinyan laid in Su Lenghan's embrace and smiled. After Yun Mengshi and Yang Siru had arrived, Su Lenghan finally left after Meng Xinyan's coaxing.