Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 355

Chapter 355 It Looks Peaceful On The Surface

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After receiving Young Master Xie’s orders, Xie Liu immediately sent her subordinates to investigate on what happened earlier. Shortly after, she gave Young Master Xie a reply. “Young Master Xie, the people that Young Madam met today include Miao Zifu and Miss Zheng Xiaoshu. The details are still being investigated.”

Xie Limo’s gaze turned cold. He calmly said, “No need to continue checking. Just get someone to keep an eye on the Zheng family.”

“Young Master Xie, do you have any other orders?”

Xie Limo recalled that Yun Bixue had said that she wanted to handle this herself. After pondering for a moment, he shook his head and said, “Just keep an eye on them. Report to me if there are any news. There’s no need to take any action. Don’t bother about the Zheng family either.”


Sitting on a chair in the study room, Xie Limo rubbed his brows. He had never regretted choosing Yun Bixue, but he couldn’t help feeling guilty as he remembered that he dragged her into this mess. Regardless of whether it was Ning An City, the capital, or the entire Country A, she had been implicated because of him.

The only thing on his mind was for her to stay safe and sound by his side. However, no matter how tightly he protected her, he couldn’t restrict her freedom too. That was why he experienced a lot of issues.

Ultimately, he still wished that his wife could learn to protect herself, so for this reason, he will leave the Zheng family to her to toughen herself up!

The Zheng and Du families in Ning An City were racking their brains on how to defend themselves. Now that they had lost their men of sacrifice, both families were rather afraid.

They had expected Young Master Xie and Yun Bixue’s retaliation after their return to Ning An City. However, after sending their subordinates to check up on them, they realized that the couple had either been indulging in each other’s company or busy with work. The two of them had yet to pay attention to the two families.

This allowed them to be at ease, yet flustered at the same time. They were quite suspicious—this could be the calm before the storm.

Zheng Xiaoshu knew what was going on. She also knew that Yun Bixue would never spare the Zheng family. Nonetheless, she didn’t let her parents know. This was because she was still waiting for her parents to create an opportunity for her to get closer to Young Master Xie.

Although she was willing to sacrifice for her family, her first consideration was still her personal advantage. She would only agree to help her family on the condition that her benefits were significant.

Ever since Father Zheng discovered how righteous her daughter was, and how willing she was to sacrifice for her family, he went all out to overcome all their obstacles. There was finally some progress during this period of time.

Mother Zheng used the Zheng family’s credit card and began to purchase all sorts of clothes and skincare products. She hired nutritionists, health care professionals, personal trainers, and massage therapists—they were all for her daughter to achieve a perfect look.

The actions of the Du and Zheng families could not be hidden from the other royal families in Ning An City. All of them gathered together and began to make their own guesses. In the end, they all came to an agreement: Keep the Du and Zheng families as far away as possible.

Judging by Young Master Xie’s protectiveness towards his loved ones, they didn’t want to clash head-on with him, especially since Yun Bixue was still alive. If Yun Bixue had really perished in Zi Bei City, it would be another story.

Therefore, despite a dark storm brewing up in Ning An City, it still appeared peaceful on the surface.

Everyone was still thinking to show up at the spring banquet arranged for the royal families, so as to suck up to Young Master Xie.

During this period of time, besides being caught up at work, Yun Bixue requested the Yun family’s men of sacrifice to investigate on the Zheng and Du families. She wanted to unveil all the past disputes and secret conflicts that they had.

Sitting in the Yun family’s old mansion, Yun Bixue relayed her instructions. “Yang Mei, you will be responsible for the company’s matters in the future. Get the man of sacrifice, Yun Dong, to follow me and deal specifically with certain matters on the sly.”

Yun Dong had a sprightly personality, and was also sharp-witted and intelligent. Yun Bixue noticed that Yun Dong possessed a mix of different auras, and a hint of pleasant surprise flashed across her eyes. “I will leave the matters involving the Du and Zheng families to you to personally handle. How about that?”