Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 358

Chapter 358 Terrifyingly Imposing

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Yun Bilu’s jaw dropped down. She was unable to snap out of her shock. There was no one in this small meeting room at all. When did he come in? How long had he been standing and eavesdropping? How much did he hear?

At that moment, Yun Bilu’s mind blanked out. She was at a loss, her whole body turned frozen. Her feet remained stuck to the ground as she stared at Huang Yize, unable to move at all.

Huang Yize’s gaze was cold and distant, shining with an icy glint. His eyes were piercingly sharp and intense, as though he had taken in all the darkness. He emanated a sense of dominance that seemed to terrorize the whole world. He was magnificent and his cold aura was imposing.

With his long, slender legs, Huang Yize strode towards Yun Bilu. Each step he took seemed to overwhelm her, making her heart shudder.

Huang Yize appeared completely different from his usual calm and aloof demeanor. He looked striking and malicious, making one unknowingly feel suffocated.

Yun Bilu’s heart shivered endlessly as she thought that Huang Yize was an extremely dangerous man at that moment. His whole body was radiating a dark fiery aura. She wanted to escape, but her legs were stuck to the ground. She couldn’t move.

She wanted to open her mouth to speak, but couldn’t say anything. Her brain had turned into mush.

“Huang— Huang Yize— You—”

Huang Yize didn’t say a single word. Approaching Yun Bilu’s side, he suddenly grabbed her arm. His strength was overwhelming. With a single pull, she was dragged forward as she stumbled.

He exerted his strength and pushed her body against the wall. One of his hands was firmly gripping her arm, while the other one slammed against the wall. Leaning with his palm on the wall, he trapped Yun Bilu.

Yun Bilu lifted her head and stared squarely at Huang Yize. This was her first time to be in close contact with Huang Yize. She could even smell the pleasant fragrance his body emitted. On top of that, they could feel each other’s breaths.

“How brave of you, Yun Bilu! You really dare—!” Huang Yize’s voice was loaded with anger.

What had she been brave about? He didn’t continue and it made Yun Bilu feel frustrated. She couldn’t even understand what was happening. Did she say something wrong? She couldn’t have offended Huang Yize, right?

Did he have to be so terrifying?

Yun Bilu glanced at Huang Yize and felt her heart thumping uncontrollably. Her heart was beating so intensely that she couldn’t pull herself together. Not only that, Huang Yize was handsome and intoxicating, and even more attractive than he usually was. His beauty was astounding, almost tearing up her heart.

His gaze was fixed on her. She had nowhere to escape, let alone hide. At that point in time, she clearly saw that her silhouette completely filled his eyes.

She couldn’t help feeling that he had been looking only at her. Only her. She was in his heart and had always been. This had never changed.

This feeling was fascinating. She felt as though she was dreaming. Was it just an illusion?

Yun Bilu widened her eyes as she stared. Her gaze was innocent and clear, and even filled with curiosity and wittiness. She appeared very alluring. Huang Yize gently lowered his head.

Yun Bilu held her breath and closed her eyes at once. However, just as she grew short of breath, Huang Yize’s gaze turned clear and he slowly retreated.

After a brief moment of silence, Yun Bilu opened her eyes and realized that Huang Yize had already left her side. He was standing nearby, his expressions changing rapidly. Seeing this, she felt quite confused.

He had already resumed his usual personality, as though that dominating and intoxicating man earlier had not existed at all.

Yun Bilu calmed down her heart. She couldn’t help but feel elated. She came to Huang Yize’s side and blinked her clear eyes. She candidly asked, “Huang Yize, you like me, don’t you?”