Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 359

Chapter 359 You Like Me Don't You?

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Huang Yize’s expression changed immediately, the dark fire glowing in his eyes dissipating. He appeared calm as he looked intently at Yun Bilu. Staring at her clear and glittering gaze, he spun around. He strutted outside without a word.

Yun Bilu was anxious and hurriedly ran forward to grab Huang Yize’s large hands. Flustered, she asked, “Huang Yize, why aren’t you saying anything? You like me, don’t you?” Yun Bilu’s tone revealed a hint of excitement.

She held Huang Yize’s hand and didn’t even realize it. Her gaze was fixed solely on him, as though she desperately wanted to find out the answer.

Yun Bilu’s small and slender hand felt as smooth as silk. The warm touch that came with it made Huang Yize’s heart feel as though waves were crashing into it.

This time, he didn’t move and escape from Yun Bilu. Lowering his head, he looked at their intertwined fingers. His gaze was glowing and dreamy.

Yun Bilu anxiously waited for Huang Yize’s answer. After a moment, he neither moved nor spoke. Following his line of sight, she saw that both of her hands were holding onto his left hand.

Yun Bilu’s hands trembled. She felt a burning sensation. A wave of electricity surged through her heart, and her body felt as though she had been electrified. Nonetheless, she couldn’t bear to let go. Looking at the hand that she was holding, she felt a sweet sensation.

This little bliss and happiness spread to her heart.

This was the first time she had such intimate contact with Huang Yize. She finally managed to hold her male idol, whom she had pursued for more than a year. The excited glint in her eyes could not be concealed at all.

Huang Yize looked down at Yun Bilu from his towering height, taking in every single expression written on her face.

Yun Bilu beamed and exclaimed, “Huang Yize, hurry up and answer me. You like me, don’t you?” She looked as though she was desperate to know the answer.

However, Huang Yize’s expression was calm. He wanted to withdraw his hand and take his leave.

Yun Bilu’s grip was tight. She firmly clasped Huang Yize’s hand and refused to let go. What a joke. She went through so much difficulties just to have an opportunity to hold his hand. She definitely wouldn’t let go.

Yun Bilu wanted to pretend to act dumb further. What could he do to her? Thinking that Huang Yize might not be entirely indifferent towards her, Yun Bilu’s mood turned extremely bright. Her whole body was filled with limitless energy and strength.

When Ji Zhiye brought the other members of the student union here, this was the sight that greeted them. Some of them gasped in surprise.

This was truly a startling image. Did Yun Bilu finally manage to woo Huang Yize? The two of them were even lovingly holding hands, publicly displaying their affections for each other. It simply blinded their eyes.

A number of them harshly rubbed their eyes, afraid that their eyes had played tricks on them. This… Was this real? Had they not mistaken? Their progress was astonishing. Young Master Huang was such a tease, keeping secrets to himself. He hadn’t even informed them that they were already together. He put on such a cold pretense all the time.

Before Huang Yize could say anything, Yun Bilu pulled his hand and skipped to his side. She straightened her back and puffed up her chest with confidence. Raising her head high, she announced, “Now that you’ve seen it, why don’t you get busy? Go on, go on!”

Yun Bilu waved her hand, as though shooing them away.

In a daze, Ji Zhiye was pulled away by several others from the student union.

Yun Bilu jumped happily. “Yay!”

Huang Yize coldly said, “Are you having fun?”

Yun Bilu was taken aback. “Huh? What fun?”

Huang Yize’s gaze switched as he calmly said, “The library has just received thousands of new books. Go and pick out the books that our school has published. You have an hour.”