Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Assassination

Yang Siru sat along the corridor, admiring her freshly painted manicure while speaking to her daughter. "Mengshi, see, Mum is right. The b*tch Yun Bixue deserves to die. How dare she treat you like that? I want to see if she can manage to survive."

"Mum, stop it. This is a hospital!" Yun Mengshi was fixated on the emergency room entrance, looking dazed.

Yang Siru glared at her daughter." Look at yourself. You are the only one being kind and treating her like your elder sister, but she does not reciprocate it. This is truly a case of 'once on shore, one prays no more 1 .' Have you forgotten how she treated you that day?"

"Mum, I know you are angry, but she is still receiving emergency care. Can't you stop talking?"

Yun Mengshi glanced at the doctors and nurses walking by them and spoke disapprovingly.

Yang Siru ignored her and persisted, not heeding her advice. "Didn't you hear what Miss Meng said earlier? That truck hit her car once and still reversed, forcefully trying to strike Yun Bixue again. She must have done too many wicked deeds, and others couldn't take it anymore..."

Just as Yang Siru was gloating to Yun Mengshi, the emergency room entrance finally opened.

"Who are the patient's relatives?"

Yang Siru continued lounging nonchalantly on the chair while Yun Mengshi darted over. "Doctor, I am her sister."

The doctor nodded. "The patient's condition is now out of danger, and she has been transferred to the nursing wards. She needs rest, and it is best not to disrupt her. She should wake up tomorrow morning."

Yun Mengshi blankly nodded. "Thank you, doctor."

"You heard that? She needs rest and does not need us to be around. Do you still want to stay?" Yang Siru slung her bag across herself and dragged Yun Mengshi away.

"Mum, you can leave first. I have other matters to do, I will come later."

Yang Siru rolled her eyes, increasingly unable to understand her daughter. She could only let her be and left alone.

In her dizzy state, Yun Bixue felt something lodged at her throat, unable to breathe. Right before she suffocated, her eyes pried open.

Upon seeing Yun Bixue open her eyes, the woman donning a nurse uniform by the bed startled. Her hands trembled and let go.

Yun Bixue's sharp eyes glowed coldly as she glared at that person. Disregarding her pain, she gripped securely around her arm. "Somebody help! Murder!" Her other hand pressed the call button in the meantime.

Because of her injury, Yun Bixue was weak. That woman heard a cluster of footsteps rushing over, and horror was written all over her face. She aggressively hurled away Yun Bixue and escaped.

"Cough... Cough..." Yun Bixue could only sigh resignedly. Who could she have offended that wanted her dead?

Yun Bixue recounted the episode after the doctors and nurses arrived. She requested for the hospital to identify the person using the CCTV. She then called Xie Liu to inform that she had just gone through a series of events and instructed him not to tell her grandfather and Xie Limo.

In the evening, Xie Liu arrived at the hospital all fatigued. He had personally arranged for a few bodyguards to protect Yun Bixue. With a darkened expression, he then left to deal with this matter.

Yun Bixue knew that there was more to this matter than what meets the eye.. They dared to plot against her. If she did not blow matters up after she got discharged from the hospital, they would think that she was really powerless.

Ultimately, she fell asleep from exhaustion and frailty. The next time she awoke, it was already noon the following day. An elegant figure from her dreams sat by her bed.

"You're awake!" Xie Limo's voice sounded hoarse, and his enchanting eyes burned with intense worry. He caressed her head gently.

  1. This idiom implies that one forgets about the past once the trouble is over.