Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 360

Chapter 360 Who Does The Male Idol End Up With?

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Yun Bilu finally let go of Huang Yize unwillingly. She stared at him pitifully like a little kitten about to be abandoned.

Huang Yize’s gaze changed as he coldly said, “You have such poor patience and have to work on it. When you initially asked for my help, you agreed to do everything.”

Yun Bilu became obedient instantly. “Young Master Huang, I’ll get to it immediately.” As she spoke, she even bowed. With every three steps she took, she glanced back as she walked towards the library.

Huang Yize strolled towards the window. From there, he could clearly see Yun Bilu’s figure. He only stopped looking at her after she stepped into the library.

At that moment, Huang Yize’s phone rang. When he looked at the number of the incoming call, his face dropped. It was a private number. Why would it be calling now?


“Young Master, Master wants you to return to the headquarters.”

Huang Yize calmly replied, “Noted.”

“Young Master, Master has something important to discuss with you this time. You must return as soon as possible.”

“Tell my father that there is no hurry. My studies are more important.”


After ending the call, Huang Yize continued to busy himself with the student union’s matters, as though nothing had happened. It seemed as though everything had not affected him at all.

In just a couple of hours, Yun Bilu and Huang Yize’s ‘hand-holding’ incident that morning spread across Noel Harlem University like wildfire.

After rounds of exaggerated gossip, everyone came to a final conclusion: Yun Bilu has successfully wooed Young Master Huang and the two of them are now together. There is conclusive and first-hand evidence. Someone had seen the two of them blissfully holding hands in the meeting room that morning.

Even the school newsletter published an extra-large headline with the words ‘Young Master Huang’s Girlfriend—Yun Bilu’ displayed prominently on the front page. With just these words, the newsletter became the top-seller on campus.

Meanwhile, the girl who was directly involved, Yun Bilu, was not aware that she had already been labelled as Young Master Huang’s girlfriend. She slogged off as she arranged the books in the library. Huang Yize had actually mentioned that she lacked patience. This time, she must do a good job and impress him.

There were also reporters from the newsletter who wished to interview Young Master Huang. However, they were all intimidated by his icy gaze. They inquired about the curious question on everyone’s mind—was this incident true?

Huang Yize remained silent, neither acknowledging nor refuting it. It simply made everyone anxious.

The female schoolmates who had a crush on Huang Yize all wrung their wrists and sighed with regret. If they had known earlier, they would also have given their all to pursue Young Master Huang. They had allowed Yun Bilu to win. They were so envious and jealous!

When Yun Bilu stepped out of the library, she saw a lot of people rushing towards her. They surrounded her as they bombarded her with a horde of questions. Yun Bilu was confused. She didn’t even know how to answer them.

When did she become Huang Yize’s girlfriend? Nonetheless, this rumor was pleasing to her ears and brightened up her spirits.

However, in the next two days, she was constantly hounded with questions. There was always someone who would get in her way through all kinds of means. It was annoying. Eventually, she couldn’t take it anymore. She hollered, “Stop bothering me and get out of my way! I won’t say anything.”

After Yun Bilu unleashed her fury, no one came to bother her anymore. She wondered if someone had secretly taken care of it for her.

In any case, she still couldn’t escape from her roommates’ interrogation. The three sisters in her dorm were simply worshipping their Little Lulu. The ultimate male idol that everyone looks up to in Noel Harlem University belonged to Yun Bilu now.

They felt proud for a while. Who said that their Little Lulu wouldn’t be able to do it? Come at them! They’ll let you know that the male idol now belonged to their Little Lulu.

On the other hand, Ning An City was concealed in a sea of darkness. When Zheng Xiaoshu learned the news from her father, she was extremely agitated. “Father, is that true?”

“Yes, it is right at Luxury Emperor. I’ve spent a large portion of our family’s assets just to create this opportunity for you. You must use it well!” Father Zheng was also just as excited. Young Master Xie was their greatest bet.