Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 363

Chapter 363 Merely Toying With Him

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Wang Man suddenly felt like laughing as she listened to Xu Miaodan’s words. She even thought that it was ironic. Picking up a piece of meat, she sent it to her mouth and finally raised her head to look at Xu Miaodan. “Miss Xu, what do you take Li Xu for? A thing? He can just come and go as you please?” Give him up for her? Such nice words! Xu Miaodan is simply thinking too highly of herself while showing off a selfless attitude .

She really thought that Li Xu was foolish, but she was worse than him. For such a man, she had stupidly done so much for him in the past. She even regarded him as a piece of gem. Thinking back about it, she truly wanted to throw up.

Xu Miaodan squinted her eyes and said arrogantly, “Miss Wang, to me, Li Xu simply means this much. Haven’t you seen how he would rush forward to carry my bag if I just frown? He tries his utmost to make me happy. Does he dare to disobey my orders?”

“Miss Xu, you’re really so full of yourself. Li Xu is together with you because he cares about you. Aren’t you afraid that he’ll be heartbroken if you treat him like that?” Wang Man had already placed a recording pen at her chest. Their conversation was being recorded at this moment.

This dinner was such a good opportunity. Naturally, she had to coax the truth out of Xu Miaodan. Wang Man herself couldn’t afford to be at a disadvantage, could she?

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. She would be an idiot if she fell for the same mistake twice. Because of this, she learned to be smarter.

Moreover, Xu Miaodan had even tried to make her betray Elder Sister Yun. Fat chance. Elder Sister Yun was her benefactor and even her advisor in life. Besides her family, Elder Sister Yun was the only one who treated her sincerely. Even if she were to betray someone, it would never be Elder Sister Yun.

Xu Miaodan chuckled and blew out a ring of cigarette smoke. Glancing askance at Wang Man, she said, “You’re really foolish. No wonder he didn’t want you. Li Xu’s current status is still inadequate. He has his eyes set on my Xu family’s riches and considers my family a stepping stone. I’m pleased to toy with him. How could I know what he’s thinking?”

Wang Man frowned and stared intently at Xu Miaodan, utterly intrigued by her. “Since you are aware of it, why are you still together with him?”

“Because he spends all his effort on sucking up to me, focusing solely on me. He tries his best to make me happy and buys me things. He’s doing an even better job than my servants at home. With a servant who works for me and even gives me money, why would I not want to keep him by my side? When I’m sick of him, I can just kick him away.”

As Wang Man listened, she thought that Xu Miaodan was absolutely crazy. She didn’t understand the world of the Xu family and couldn’t agree to Xu Miaodan’s views on her relationships. How could a person toy with someone else’s feelings? How could she?

Looking at Wang Man’s stunned expression, Xu Miaodan raised her brows. “Why? Are you surprised? Are you shocked? You think a mere person like Li Xu is a great catch. In our Xu family, we don’t even care about him. He isn’t even qualified to step into our Xu family. A poor lad like him thinks that he’s a big deal just because he’s educated. Taking advantage of me without suffering any losses is such a brilliant idea of his. However, he’s so obsessed with me that if I were to kick him away, he would surely think positively of you. You’ve done so much for him. Weren’t you hoping that you’ll end up with him too? As long as you promise me, he’ll be yours. You don’t have anything to lose too, right?”

Xu Miaodan stared at Wang Man as she tried to tempt the latter.

Wang Man sneered in her heart, but was actually in deep thought. Elder Sister Yun had been right. She couldn’t let Xu Miaodan see through her.

“You’ve spent so many years with him. Aren’t you afraid that you’re wasting your youth?”

Xu Miaodan laughed. “Wasting my youth? You’re so naive. Who said that we’re in a relationship? I’ve never admitted that he’s my boyfriend. I have other boy toys too. Do you understand now?” At that moment, Wang Man was just a naive and stupid lady in Xu Miaodan’s eyes.