Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 366

Chapter 366 My Woman

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While they strolled, Yun Bixue kicked a little stone beneath her feet because of her good mood. She even leaned her head on Xie Limo’s shoulder.

Xie Limo looked sideways and saw Yun Bixue behaving like a little kitten. His heart softened incredibly. He gently lifted his elbow and Yun Bixue held on. She spun around and raised her leg, collapsing into Xie Limo’s embrace.

Xie Limo took advantage of it and hugged her. He lowered his head, planting a kiss on her forehead. He asked lovingly, “Are you having fun?”

Embarrassed, Yun Bixue struggled out of Xie Limo’s embrace and ran away swiftly. “I’m going to watch the movie.”

Xie Limo softly chuckled and chased after her. Under the night sky, a couple could be seen chasing after each other on the streets. Their unrestrained laughter erupted endlessly.

Xie Limo had finally caught up to Yun Bixue and wrapped her in his arms. Once he firmly held her, he didn’t allow her to escape anymore.

Yun Bixue panted as she leaned against Xie Limo’s chest. Shutting her eyes, she thought that she was exceptionally happy tonight. She felt as though she hadn’t laughed so cheerfully in a long time.

Xie Limo felt the same too. He was usually calm and collected, but at that moment, he seemed like a teenage boy. He was bursting with youthful energy. His heart thumped intensely, and his expression was bright and carefree.

Since he was a child, he had received all sorts of training as an heir. He couldn’t express his happiness and anger. He had to be cold, stern, and graceful. Simply put, his emotions were always in check. He finally realized now, at this very moment, that he actually had a lively source of energy within his heart.

“We’ve reached the movie theater already. Let’s go in!”

The two of them went inside. They did not notice the car that was parked silently by the roadside. The driver of that car didn’t even realize that the traffic lights had turned green.

An Yexuan’s clutch on the steering wheel tightened. Staring at the happy couple, his heart stirred. His thoughts seemed to have traveled back to their university days.

Yun Bixue had also been radiating limitless youthful vigor during that time. At the beginning, he was allured by her brightness and kindness. However, he met Chu Fei’er afterwards and discovered Yun Bixue’s evil tricks. He then got turned off with her and misunderstood her.

It seemed that she was living a decent life now. Indeed, everyone could have a great life even after leaving his or her partner.

However, he lost Chu Fei’er. His heart felt empty, but he didn’t know why. In the past, he had thought that Yun Bixue had caused that fire. That was why his hatred for her kept him going. Now, he discovered that everything had been a huge misunderstanding. He lost his hatred that had sustained him. His heart felt hollow.

Moreover, he had no other reasons to look for Yun Bixue. He had no reason to question or mock her now.

Behind him, the cars honked endlessly, but An Yexuan seemed like he hadn’t heard anything. In the end, the drivers all got off from their cars and knocked on the windows of An Yexuan’s car. “What’s going on? The lights have already turned green. Didn’t you see it? You’re blocking the road. Everyone else can’t get past…”

An Yexuan finally stepped on the accelerator and drove the car forward. He wanted to go back and check his documents. He felt that Chu Fei’er could still be alive. He wanted to continue the investigation. In the midst of his work, he still drove frequently to Ning An City just to uncover any possible traces.

When Xie Limo and Yun Bixue entered the movie theater, they bought tickets and walked into the hall. They then sat while waiting for the show to begin, just like all the other people.

The two of them didn’t select any special screenings. They also wanted to experience watching a movie like any other person.

Xie Limo left for a while to buy popcorn and drinks for Yun Bixue.

“I noticed that majority of the ladies were holding this. Do you like it?”

Yun Bixue took the bucket of popcorn at once. “I love it. Hubby, you’re so smart. You’re beginning to understand us girls more and more.”

Xie Limo lowered his head and whispered beside Yun Bixue’s ear, “My wife isn’t a girl. You’re my woman!” The way Xie Limo said the word ‘woman’ was remarkably deep and intoxicating.