Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 368

Chapter 368 Wonderful Times

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After everyone heard An Yexuan’s words, the male students stopped their ridicule. Turning their heads toward Yun Bixue, they stared intently at her. “Hmm, it does look like she’s really feeling unwell.”

Yun Bixue naturally heard everything. If she didn’t need to pass by here to the infirmary, she wouldn’t want to be here. This place belonged to the guys—they played basketball and soccer here.

An Yexuan threw the ball at everyone else and gracefully approached Yun Bixue. “Fellow schoolmate, are you alright?”

Yun Bixue heard his lovely voice. It sounded fascinating and caring—she was moved. When she raised her head, the sunlight caused her to become dizzy. Her vision turned black and she fainted.

When she regained consciousness, she was already in the infirmary. The doctor there informed her, “Your boyfriend is so thoughtful. He carried you here and asked anxiously over and over again. He just went out to buy some candy for you. In this day and age, there are only a handful of guys who understood girls and were thoughtful towards them. You should cherish him!”

The doctor was a middle-aged lady in her forties. She advised Yun Bixue passionately, telling her how wonderful that lad was…

She was confused as she listened to the doctor. What boyfriend? She didn’t have a boyfriend. Could she have been carried here by that person she last heard before she fainted?

“Aunty, he isn’t my—”

Just as she was about to speak, a man entered from outside and the sun shone against him. It was as though he appeared from amidst the clouds. He was warm and graceful like a piece of jade. Wearing a clean white tracksuit, he was spectacular. When his clear gaze fell on Yun Bixue, it was filled with a trace of worry.

“Fellow schoolmate, are you feeling okay now? Here’s a candy for you. The doctor said that you needed it.”

Yun Bixue smiled at him. “Thank you.”

Hearing this exchange, the doctor asked doubtfully, “Hmm? Aren’t the two of you a couple?”

Yun Bixue answered in embarrassment, “Aunty, we’re not.”

The doctor sighed. “You’re not a couple, but he still treats you so well. There aren’t many kind-hearted guys around now.” That aunty seemed to be hinting at something.

Yun Bixue smiled and her brows arched. Her smile completely filled her body with lively spirits.

She knew that he was An Yexuan, the most popular person in school that all the girls talked about, and the most talented person that everyone in University T acknowledged. She had not expected that he was the one who had helped her.

An Yexuan stiffened and his expression changed. He stole another glance at Yun Bixue.

It was because of this incident that the two of them officially became friends.

When An Yexuan accompanied her back to her dorm, a lot of people cried out on the way. Everyone watched her in envy. Some were jealous while some were furious. There were also others who made wild guesses.

“I’ve never heard that An Yexuan had a girlfriend. That’s right, he’s a sophomore student. He’s already spent one year in university and I’ve never seen a girl beside him before. This is not his girlfriend, is she?”

“Ahh, damn it! Why couldn’t it have been me? Why not me?”

“Hurry up, go find out more. Who resorted to schemes and snatched my talented man away?”

“Look at that girl. She’s like a country bumpkin. Her style isn’t outstanding either. Why has talented An taken a liking to her?”

“Who knows? Let’s tag along and take a look.”

The journey could be described as an arduous one, but it also made Yun Bixue feel a different sensation in her heart. She was at a young and fresh age, and didn’t know what was love. She only knew that her heart felt complicated emotions. Staying by An Yexuan’s side, she felt very nervous and also rather excited.

After all, he was someone that everyone liked. His attention and concern for her made her feel a fascinating and unusual sensation. At that time, she had no idea that the two of them would experience so many episodes that were both sour and heart-wrenching.