Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 369

Chapter 369 The Fairy Tale That Year

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When they reached the dorm lobby, An Yexuan finally left. Yun Bixue had never thought that the two of them would have many more interactions in the future.

Three days into her period, she participated in the military cadet training in school. The training in University T was exceptionally strict. However, the instructor had another appointment that day, so they assigned another senior to lead the team.

A lot of them felt uneasy. Would the temporary instructor be extremely strict as well?

To everyone’s surprise, An Yexuan strutted over in an instructor’s uniform. Wearing a pair of military boots, he looked so smart and dependable. He came over, looking ever so imposing and shining brightly. He was handsome, gentle, and alluring.

Yun Bixue stood in the front row. She could hear the girls around her gasping and cheering quietly. Everyone was indeed pleasantly surprised. They hadn’t expected An Yexuan would come to lead the team.

An Yexuan noticed Yun Bixue at first glance. He flashed her a radiant smile and solemnly greeted everyone, “Hello, everyone. Your instructor has something urgent to deal with, so they requested for me to lead the team today. I’ll do my best.”

Hearing those words, the girls clapped excitedly. Even the boys clapped too. An Yexuan was a senior in his second year of university. He probably wouldn’t drill them too intensely.

True enough, that day was really very relaxing. Besides training everyone’s reflexes, marching and running, there wasn’t anything else to do.

During breaks, he even led a few rounds of games.

The girls even cheered for him to sing. She didn’t know why, but Yun Bixue could feel that An Yexuan would occasionally steal glances at her.

Each time his gaze fell on her, she would feel slightly nervous. She would hold her breath and and lower her head, not daring to meet his eyes.

At that time, she didn’t understand what this feeling meant. Years later, she realized that it was a fluttering feeling that one would feel during their youth. It was a sense of anticipation towards a wonderful relationship during that fresh age.

Amidst the cheers, An Yexuan asked gracefully, “What song would everyone like to hear?”

“The Moon Represents My Heart.”

“I Love You!”

“We want to listen to ‘Becoming Better With You Slowly’…”

“I want to listen to ‘Fairy tale’…”

In the end, An Yexuan chose the song ‘Fairy tale’. “You cried while telling me…

Fairy tales were all lies.

I can never be your prince.

Perhaps you didn’t know that.

Ever since you said you loved me,

The stars in my sky lit up.

I’m willing to become…

That angel that you love in fairy tales.

Reaching out my arms.

Which will become wings to protect you…”

As An Yexuan sang this song, it sounded extraordinarily moving. He was mesmerizing and sincere.

While Yun Bixue listened, she felt a sound rang through her heart, like a flower blooming within her. A flower with large petals blossomed in her heart and her whole world brightened up.

She looked at him as he sang under the sunlight, and felt a ray of sunlight piercing right through her heart.

When he was about to sing the last note, he turned towards Yun Bixue and smiled. After he completed the song, he said, “I didn’t do a good job singing. I hope for everyone’s understanding.”

Yun Bixue laughed abruptly and began to clap sincerely. Their eyes met and it made Yun Bixue’s cheeks blush faintly.

Nobody else noticed her faint smile. Everyone was yelling, “It was a lovely rendition. Senior, you can become a singer!”

“Senior, you’re really talented. You can do everything. You’re even more precise during our marching training than our instructor!”

“Senior, you made me fall in love with your singing. What do I do?”

An Yexuan coughed softly and explained, “I’ve trained in the military before that’s why I can be your temporary instructor. Anyway, I can’t sing anymore, so don’t bully me. I’ve yet to hear the lot of you sing. Everyone, sing a song too!”