Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 373

Chapter 373 The Contents Of The Recording

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Wang Man played the recorded conversation on her recording pen. Xu Miaodan’s voice was heard from the pen saying, “Miss Wang, I shall not beat around the bush as well. I’m here to ask if you want to work together with me.”

“Oh? And what does Miss Xu need from an insignificant person like me?” Wang Man’s voice was heard replying to Xu Miaodan.

“Of course, there are some things only Miss Wang can do. As long as you follow Yun Bixue every day and report everything she does to me, you’ll be able to get what you want. For example, Li Xu…”

The more Yun Bixue heard, the more her expression became colder. When the recording finally ended, she laughed instead of getting angry. The corners of her lips turned up nonchalantly and a dangerous glint shone in her eyes. “Xu Miaodan! The Xu family!”

At that point, Yun Bixue started to take the Xu family seriously. Initially, she wasn’t planning on dealing with them, but from the looks of it, she should not let her guard down.

Yun Bixue sat at the table with a cold expression, deep in thought. The Yun family did not have a lot of interactions with the Xu family, so why did Xu Miaodan spend so much effort to get Wang Man to fish for information about her?

She had only met Xu Miaodan once during that conflict downstairs. A thought suddenly flashed in her mind. Could it be that the incident the other time was done on purpose? Xu Miaodan intentionally pestered Wang Man for a longer time just to lure her down?

But what was her motive for doing so?

Yun Bixue couldn’t understand. She remembered the moment that she mentioned that incident to Xie Limo, and he replied saying not to deal with the Xu family first because they were tied with the Jiang family of Tian Jing City. In other words, Xu family had the backing of Jiang family.

Tian Jing City, the Jiang family. Ning An City, the Xu family…

Yun Bixue thought about it for a long while, feeling as if something was niggling at the back of her mind, but she just couldn’t grasp exactly what it was.

Wang Man stood quietly by the side. Seeing Elder Sister Yun in deep thought, she did not dare to interrupt.

After fifteen minutes had passed, Yun Bixue turned her head to Wang Man and smiled at her. “Wang Man, thank you for being loyal to me.” If Wang Man really agreed and passed her information to Xu Miaodan, it would have been impossible for her to guard against such a scheme.

She never employed people whom she did not trust. Once employed, she never doubted. At first, what caught her attention was Wang Man’s personality and morality. That was why she was chosen to be trained by her side. As expected, she did not judge incorrectly.

Wang Man seemed a little embarrassed and lowered her head. “Elder Sister Yun, you have helped me out so much. If I really did that, am I still a human being? Besides, I’ve always felt that this Xu Miaodan is weird. She seems like she doesn’t care about anything, but on the other hand, she kept asking me repeatedly for your information.”

“Yes, that’s the confusing part.” As soon as she returned home, she would discuss this with Xie Limo.

Suddenly, she raised her head and looked at Wang Man. “Wang Man, you’re really not going to reconsider about your ex-boyfriend?”

“No, Elder Sister Yun. I’ve seen his character clearly and he is not worth my effort at all. I was foolish once, so how can I let it happen for the second time? Anyway, love is not always something you can just give up or fight for when you want to. If he could be snatched away, then he is not the right man for me from the start.”

Yun Bixue applauded her. “Wang Man, you’ve improved. You are finally able to see through it.”

Wang Man walked closer to Yun Bixue and said, “Elder Sister Yun, I finally understood how you felt that time.”

Yun Bixue pulled Wang Man to sit beside her and patted her hand. “That’s right. Only after experiencing it will you know whether the person is suitable or not.” Remembering An Yexuan and Su Lenghan, they were already wisps from the past.

“Elder Sister Yun, I’m still a little angry that Li Xu had taken a liking to such a woman.” No, it was not really disappointment for him. She was actually irritated at herself, calling her tastes into question. How could she have fallen for that kind of trashy man?

Yun Bixue pointed at the recording pen in Wang Man’s hand and gave her a sly smile. “Don’t you still have this? Why don’t you play it for him? You can let him listen to the conversation.”