Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 374

Chapter 374 Young Master Xie Must Be Invited

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Wang Man looked at the recording pen and automatically understood Elder Sister Yun’s words. With mutual tacit understanding, they smiled at each other. “Elder Sister Yun, letting him hear the recording would also be considered a proper closure.”

Yun Bixue knew. For Wang Man, letting Li Xu hear the recording would be a form of revenge—it would definitely annoy Xu Miaodan and Li Xu.

“Daring to love and hate. To have loved and hated. Even so, you have to move on. If there is a suitable man in the company, you have to consider him too.”

As though thinking of something, Wang Man flushed red.

Yun Bixue looked confusedly at Wang Man’s blush. A thought flashed through her mind. Could it be that Wang Man is in a relationship?

When Wang Man saw Yun Bixue’s expression, she blushed even more and frantically explained, “Elder Sister Yun, it’s not what you think! I’m not in a relationship!”

“Not in a relationship, but there’s someone who’s chasing after you, and you have feelings for him as well?”

Seeing Yun Bixue’s concerned expression, Wang Man did not want to hide it anymore. She nodded her head. “Yes, Elder Sister Yun. He’s so much better than Li Xu. No man has treated me this nicely before. He doesn’t say anything romantic or sweet, but when I need him, he doesn’t fear power or status, and would step forward boldly to protect me.”

Hearing her words, Yun Bixue came to a realization and smiled knowingly. “That’s good. If it’s fate, then you should cherish it and not let it go.” She knew that the person Wang Man was referring to was Duan Qiushu. After considering it, she realized that their personalities melded pretty well together and they really suit each other.

The two of them had proper jobs, and had similar thoughts and values. She might be able to eat wedding candies from the two of them soon. Thinking about it, she had something new to look forward to.

After the morning meeting, Xie Limo did not have much on his schedule.

When it was about lunch time, he thought of the dumplings that his wife made for him. His mouth curled up slightly, full of warmth and gentleness.

For lunch, he was planning to eat the dumplings while they were hot.

Yun Bixue was worried that Xie Limo was not eating well. That was why she always prepared lunch for the two of them in the morning before work. Their lunch could be eaten once they were heated up in a microwave.

A knocking sound was heard from the door, breaking into his thoughts.

“Come in.”

Secretary Liu looked at Young Master Xie and respectfully said, “Young Master Xie, a major player in the movie industry, Elder Hong, came over from Zi Bei City. He said that he wanted to treat the important members of our team to lunch.”

Xie Limo glanced indifferently. “You don’t have to ask me for these things. They can just go and eat.”

Seeing that Young Master Xie remained indifferent, Secretary Liu continued, “Young Master Xie, Elder Hong said that you must be invited to the meal. He said that he heard Snow Cloud Group was trying to enter the entertainment industry of Zi Bei City, so he felt that you must be invited.”

Xie Limo’s gaze changed. He thought deeply for a while before replying blandly, “If he wishes to invite, he can invite my wife directly. There’s no need for me to participate. My wife already holds all the authority in the business.”

His words were carried across in a light manner, but Secretary Liu felt chills down his spine. If he was unable to get Young Master Xie there, his job would be forfeited as well. Furthermore, he got this position through connections and bribes. Now that these people needed his help, he must not fail and accomplish the assigned task.

“Young Master Xie, Elder Hong will invite Miss Yun too. This is an invitation from Elder Hong. In the near future, there will be another meeting in the entertainment industry. With this golden invitation letter, it would be a lot easier for Snow Cloud Group as well…”

Xie Limo looked at him with a detached expression, never saying a single word. It took all sorts of persuasion from Secretary Liu, mainly mentioning about Yun Bixue, just to get Young Master Xie to attend the meal.

When Young Master Xie finally agreed, Secretary Liu sighed in relief and wiped away his cold sweat. It was known that Young Master Xie was a great man and never attended these social activities. This time was already considered an exception.