Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 375

Chapter 375 Young Master Xie Eating And Enjoying The Dance

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Young Master Xie did not really take interest in that Elder Hong. It was his first time, however, seeing Secretary Liu this panicky. Recalling the information and data that Xie Liu collected recently, a dangerous glint shone through his eyes, emitting a cold aura.

He wanted to see what kind of idea they could come up with. Thinking about it, Xie Limo’s lips curled into an indifferent smile.

In the meantime, there were still the dumplings his wife prepared for him. They were currently heating up in the microwave—it was something he was not willing to waste at all.

While the people outside were anxiously waiting, Xie Limo was in his office, slowly savoring his dumplings. Thinking about his wife’s gentle figure as she prepared it, his expression softened.

When he was finished, he brought the lunchbox to the sink at the back of his office, and gave it a serious scrub. Only after he wiped away the remaining water droplets with a paper towel did he place it back into the lunchbox carrier.

For Xie Limo, this was something very natural. His actions were smooth and elegant beyond measure. All he thought of was that if he washed it up now, he would not have to trouble Yun Bixue to clean it up for him when they got home.

After he had his fill, Xie Limo took his sweet time and rested for fifteen minutes. He then made a call to his wife, telling her that he would be going out for lunch.

Yun Bixue gently said, “If it’s a social gathering, then don’t go if you don’t wish to. Don’t drink too much wine. Remember to order the warm dishes and eat less of the oily stuff. We’re having braised meat for dinner. It’s not very good to eat too much in a day…”

Hearing his wife’s words, Xie Limo laughed lightly. “Yes, I will follow what my wife says.”

After the call, Xie Limo put on his coat and strolled slowly out of his office.

The important officials, who were all waiting outside his office, let out a breath of relief as soon as they saw Xie Limo. The waiting had made them anxious, but they did not dare to hurry him. They could only wait patiently outside.

Secretary Liu was especially nervous beyond measure. The moment Xie Limo came out was an enchanting sight for him.

“Let’s go!”

The group of people then followed behind Xie Limo.

The venue of their lunch was located at Luxury Emperor’s third floor suite. It was the largest suite, a mesmerizing place with melodious songs playing in the background.

The tables inside the suite were designed in a grand manner, and dishes were served smoothly. At the front, there was a raised platform where performances could take place.

After the introductions, the people returned to their respective seats, with Xie Limo and Elder Hong seated at the head seats. The rest were seated according to their ranks. Since the olden days, the most esteemed guest would always be on the left. That was why Xie Limo was seated on Elder Hong’s left side, which signified that he was above all others.

From his angle, he could clearly watch any performance he wanted to.

The setup was similar to that of Imperial Chinese feudal times when royal banquets were held. In this case, Xie Limo was an existence similar to that of an emperor.

No one noticed Xie Limo’s mouth curling into an indifferent smile. He looked at the setup in front of him, emitting a cold aura.

When the meal started, the performances also began one by one—from the grappling between twelve instruments, to many different dances, and lastly, a solo dance. Even though it was a solo dance, it was accompanied by twelve instruments and twelve other female dancers. These additions were solely there, so that one person could shine.

Zheng Xiaoshu’s makeup and costume today were done by Country A’s best makeup artists and stylists. The effect was astonishing, and the dance she chose to perform was a classical dance with high difficulty. Her actions flowed and moved people—it made a person feel like a king just by watching it.

She believed that as long as they were men, they would have some sort of ambition. They would dream for themselves to be a step above others, and would therefore enjoy the feeling of being treated like a king.