Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 376

Chapter 376 Meticulously Prepared

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When the music started playing, Zheng Xiaoshu took in a deep breath as she prepared her stance. Starting with a twirl of her sleeve, she moved her hips, showing the flexibilities of the human body. With her foundation in ballet, it could be said that this dance, which was choreographed by a lot of experts, was portrayed vividly and beautifully.

Everything from this scene allowed people to sink into a sort of fantasy, as though they were in the courts of the olden days, watching performances by the court ladies…

It even put the audience into a trance—the performing girl would be offered up to the emperor.

All sorts of praises came from the officials. “Young Master Xie, this dance is great! Marvelous! Even the performer is beautiful!”

“Haha! I have seen a great number of beauties from the movie industry, and even then, I have never seen such a beautiful person. Whoever gets her would be blessed for life.”

“Since when was there such a beauty in Ning An City? I’ve never known about it!”

“I have no idea who she is, but looking at her dance, she must have placed a lot of effort into it. She must be full of talent and good looks…”

The crowd talked about her enthusiastically, trying to attract the attention of Young Master Xie to get him to agree with them. However, from the start till the end, Xie Limo just drank his tea and watched indifferently without a change in expression.

He ignored their praises, not even bothering to reply with a single syllable. He sneered inwardly as he finally understood why everyone was so zealous—they wanted to use this beauty to ensnare him.

Should he commend their lack of intelligence or their forced praises?

Everyone knew that he had a wife and never looked at other women. Did they think that they could move him with just a single dance?

Deep down, Xie Limo scoffed at them. From the looks of it, all of these had been meticulously planned. Perhaps he should learn from his wife and clean up the entirety of his higher management as well?

He used to think that he should always tackle things slowly, and not be too drastic with his measures. But since these people didn’t seem to learn from their lessons, he wouldn’t mind using brute force as well.

The crowd only saw Young Master Xie staring at the stage. They were all rejoicing deep inside. Did he really fall for her? They could not help but feel excited. After all, once Miss Zheng became the apple of the eye of Young Master Xie, the Zheng family would also sail with the winds. Given that they helped this much, they would all benefit from it eventually!

These people were excited, but little did they know that this would cost them their political career.

When the dance was about to end, around five to six people on the table all said that they needed to ‘use’ the toilet, leaving Young Master Xie alone.

Xie Limo sat there, not moving an inch, as a dangerous glint shone in his eyes. On the stage, once the dance was finished, all the musicians and dancers left quietly.

Zheng Xiaoshu’s heart started pounding faster. She looked dazedly at Xie Limo. Picking up a bottle of wine from a side table, she slowly made her way towards him. “Young Master Xie, here’s a toast for you. Let me pour a glass for you.”

When she was pouring the wine, she deliberately let her sexy collarbone and cleavage show. After the toast, she hurriedly left. The few days of training had taught her the method to catch a man’s heart. She now had to let him go, so that she could reel him in later.

After Zheng Xiaoshu left, those officials who went to the washroom returned as well. Everyone started toasting and one of them even accidentally spilled some wine on Xie Limo’s clothes.

The third-floor manager of Luxury Emperor promptly brought Young Master Xie to a private room to wash up.

When Xie Limo reached the room, heard water sounds coming from the shower. His intricate brows knitted together. Just as he was about to leave, the door to the shower opened, revealing Zheng Xiaoshu’s flirtatious figure. Her body was partly hidden, yet partly visible—covering it was somehow not covering it at all.

She smiled naturally like a lotus flower. Clutching her chest, she gasped, “Young Master Xie! You— What are you doing here?”