Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 377

Chapter 377 So What If You Are A Beauty?

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On such a close proximity, Zheng Xiaoshu looked at this man and understood that no words were enough to describe his ethereal beauty. He was so alluring that it seemed like he held all the elegance in the world. He was truly stunning and worthy of her trembling heart.

Her whole body flushed as she looked at Xie Limo hopefully.

At this very moment, Zheng Xiaoshu was very confident of her charms.

If it was any other normal man, Xie Limo would have already fallen for her seduction. What she didn’t know was that Xie Limo received all kinds of training since he was young to resist such human temptations. That was why he was capable of making his own judgement.

Meanwhile, there were micro cameras hidden in the room and a single camera was hidden on Zheng Xiaoshu’s body. The Zheng family spent a large amount of money to import the newest technology from overseas through secret channels. Even the best detectives would not be able to discover it.

During Zheng Xiaoshu’s dance, she used the camera to send a video to Yun Bixue—almost like a live broadcast.

She further added this sentence, “If you do not dare to watch this, it means that you have a guilty conscience—you do not completely trust in your Young Master Xie. Take a look at whether he would betray you or not!”

At that moment, Xie Limo swept a curt glance at Zheng Xiaoshu and said, “Miss Zheng, aren’t you curious about Shen family’s quick disappearance? You also know that the Shen family had been annihilated, don’t you?” Xie Limo’s tone was bloodthirsty and vicious.

This kind of plot for seduction had occurred over and over again to the point that it irked him too much. At Xie family headquarters, where the people he assigned were on guard, no woman dared to go near him.

But this Ning An City was always like this, causing disdain to roll off his entire body.

When Zheng Xiaoshu heard Xie Limo’s cold words, she thought about the Shen family. She was thrown into confusion at once. She did not understand the meaning behind Xie Limo’s words. “Young Master Xie is… is talking about the Shen family?”

“Miss Zheng, you’re about the same as Shen Jingcui, but she was more daring than you. She used her nude body to seduce me. Since she pushed against my boundaries and earned my fury, the Shen family ended up like that. I’m sure you can picture what kind of ending your Zheng family will receive as well!”

Hearing such cold words, it was as if she was struck by lightning. The reason why Shen family was annihilated so quickly was because Shen Jingcui tried to seduce Young Master Xie?

Not only that, she also heard that Shen Jingcui went crazy afterwards and was sent to the mental hospital.

Thinking about it, Zheng Xiaoshu felt a chill seeping into her stiffening body. She couldn’t even lift a finger. When she snapped out of her trance, she said seriously, “Young Master Xie, even if the most beautiful woman stood right in front of you, you would remain unmoved?”

Xie Limo laughed mockingly. “So what if it was beauty? If she is not who I want, even if she’s naked, she’s not that much different from a block of wood.”

Zheng Xiaoshu laughed until tears started welling up in her eyes. She prepared for so long. The Zheng family prepared for so long. They all looked forward for so long. All of their careful planning and effort were just for this answer. She felt like a fool. So, she was just a block of wood. How funny. A block of wood!

“Yun Bixue is so lucky to have your protection and care.”

Xie Limo looked out of the window and remembered that day when he first met Yun Bixue. He coldly said, “It wasn’t because she was lucky. It was because, compared to all of you, she was kinder, stronger, more optimistic, and more hardworking. All of you tried to take shortcuts and didn’t work hard for your fortune. All of you cannot compare to her. Go back and tell your father that your Zheng family will be like the Shen family!”

“No, Young Master Xie, please have mercy. I’m begging you—”

“It’s too late, no one can plot against me and come out unscathed!” Xie Limo shook his head and thought deeply. This time, he should also think of a way to make sure that no woman dares to go near him again. He really did not want to get involved in such petty matters anymore. First, the Shen family, then the Jiang family, and now this Miss Zheng was stirring up trouble. He couldn’t help feeling disgusted towards them.