Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 378

Chapter 378 Touched To The Point Of Tears

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Xie Limo swept a final cold glance across Zheng Xiaoshu before walking out of the room.

If it weren’t for the promise he made to his wife about letting her deal with the Zheng family herself, he would have taken things into his own hands. No longer treating them nicely, he would not hold back and finish them off directly.

The third-floor manager saw Young Master Xie leaving the room and paled. Wasn’t it too fast?

Xie Limo’s mouth turned up in a mocking smile. “Manager Li, you’ve been here for two years already, right? Seems like that brain of yours is no longer working very well.”

Looking at Young Master Xie’s facial expression and hearing his words, Manager Li paled even further as his knees weakened. He knew at that moment that his job, which was envied by many others, would soon be forfeited.

After finishing his words, Xie Limo walked leisurely towards the main room.

A few officials were excitedly drinking with one another while talking in hushed voices. “Say, what kind of spark do you think will ignite between Young Master Xie and that Miss Zheng?”

“This is called serendipity, meeting each other unexpectedly. It’s the kind that is most capable of creating sparks.”

“I think that this method wouldn’t be effective.”

“We’ve thought about creating a lot of romantic chance encounters for him, but it’s not possible. Young Master Xie walks around the place and speaks harshly to women without even taking more than a glance at them. If he’s going out, he will bring his wife out as well. It’s very difficult for a chance encounter to happen.”

“Men are all the same inside. It’s just that as a public figure, he has to do it in order to avoid scandal. Here, with this opportunity we created, we can just wait and see. Even heroes fall at the feet of beauties. Haha…”

While the few of them were whispering at each other, crisp sounds of footsteps were heard behind them. They turned around and saw the cold expression on Young Master Xie’s face. In a flash, they gaped with their mouths wide open as their hearts shivered. They were truly speechless.

Wasn’t that too fast? It had only been a few minutes! Could it be that he went into the wrong room? Or was he unmoved?

Just when the crowd was restlessly guessing what happened, Young Master Xie chuckled frostily. “Everyone, carry on with what you were doing. I’ll leave first and return to work now. ”

The officials finally recovered their wits. “Young Master Xie, we shall go back as well.”

After Yun Bixue wrapped up today’s meeting and returned to her office, she picked up her cell phone only to see a video which was sent anonymously to her. Seeing the first line of the message, Yun Bixue’s face turned cold. She played the video and saw Xie Limo’s figure.

He was currently watching a beauty dance, but something was weird with his expression. After knowing him for such a long time, she understood him well. His expression was stone cold and his eyes carried a dangerous glint, obviously not appreciating the performance. After some time, she saw Zheng Xiaoshu toasting him with a glass of wine, followed by the seduction in the room…

While watching the video, Yun Bixue’s facial expression changed radically. She started to feel nervous, to the point where her palms started feeling clammy.

She knew that Xie Limo treated her kindly on a daily basis. She even told herself to trust him. However, how he was like outside was something she did not have any idea about.

Frankly speaking, she and Xie Limo had not encountered any kinds of hardship, so she was unable to tell whether the faith she had in him was real or not.

She wanted to stop watching the video, but she remembered Zheng Xiaoshu’s words stating that if she did not dare to watch, it meant that she was guilty of not trusting Xie Limo.

In order to prove that she trusted in him, she continued to watch it, biting her lips as color drained from her face.

In the video, Xie Limo entered the room and Zheng Xiaoshu came out covered only in lace. Her vision instantly turned black as she tightened her grip on her cell phone, wanting to crush it if she could.

But when she heard Xie Limo’s words at the end, tears streamed down from her eyes. Her heart was truly touched. He never said such sweet words to her, but hearing that he stayed away from trouble and protected her in that manner, she couldn’t help but cry.