Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Young Master Xie's Warmth

Thinking of how aloof Young Master Xie had been the previous night, Xie Liu shuddered in fear.

He had never seen Young Master Xie carry such a murderous look. The hospital dean spent the entire night kneeling, and the incompetent nurses and doctors on duty were all dismissed.

Because of Young Madam, Young Master Xie had not hesitated to wield his authority ever since he left the meeting in Tian Jing City that day.

Although this would implicate Young Master Xie, the Xie family did not mind.

He remembered the words of Young Master Xie during that momentif he couldn't even protect his wife, he wouldn't be able to take on a horde of responsibilities.

Since Young Master Xie returned the day before, he had been continuously on guard. When Young Madam had finally awoken, everyone could finally loosen up.

Yun Bixue looked up at Xie Limo with some displeasure. "Why did you stop him? I still want to continue listening."

As per usual, Xie Limo's eyes were filled with warmth as he looked at Yun Bixue and purred, "Okay, have some congee first. After you are discharged from the hospital, you will learn everything. So if you want to understand everything, you have to get better first."

As he spoke, he took the box over from Xie Liu. It contained a bowl of congee. Using the spoon, he scooped a mouthful and blew on it before feeding Yun Bixue.

Xie Liu widened his eyes in shock. This... Was he the Young Master Xie that he had known?

Yun Bixue noticed the stupefied expression on Xie Liu's face and her face started to flush involuntarily. Moving her lips, she said, "Limo, my hands are fine. I can eat this myself."

Xie Limo gave Xie Liu a sweeping glance, and the latter tactfully evacuated the ward immediately.

Xie Limo continued his gesture, his intoxicating eyes looking at Yun Bixue. She could only open her mouth.

When she had been fed the entire bowl, Xie Limo even wiped the corners of her lips thoughtfully.

Yun Bixue desperately wanted to hide in a hole.

Xie Liu returned shortly after taking his leave and announced, "Young Master Xie, Xie Shiyi has gained consciousness!"

"Xie Shiyi has woken up?" Yun Bixue was ruffled. If it hadn't been for Xie Shiyi's quick reflexes that day, they wouldn't have survived the first time the truck crashed into them. Knowing that Xie Shiyi was alright, she could finally be at ease.

Xie Limo's gaze trembled. "Get someone to protect Young Madam well." With that, he rose elegantly and left the ward.

In the third room of the VIP ward, Xie Shiyi scuffled to get off the bed when she saw Young Master Xie.

"Lie properly. If you get hurt, Young Madam will be worried." Xie Liu said blankly at the side.

Xie Shiyi was filled with guilt. "Sorry Young Master Xie, I failed to protect Young Madam." After getting discharged, she would receive the punishments of the Xie family.

Xie Limo's captivating aura gave off an air of sternness. His distressed gaze looked sinister as he spoke coldly, "Tell me in exact detail what happened that day."

Xie Shiyi respectfully recounted the day's events bit by bit. Regardless of the magnitude of each detail, she conveyed everything thoroughly.

After that, the entire room was overflowing with a repressive silence. Xie Liu was astounded; Young Madam's responses and bravery during the emergency had been too astonishing. Could it be that Young Madam had practiced martial arts?

Time passed unknowingly, and just before Xie Shiyi suffocated, the tension in the air subsided suddenly. "You mean that Su Lenghan was the one who sent the both of you to the hospital?"

"Yes, we were then pushed into the emergency room, and I do not know what happened afterward."

A deadly look glinted in Xie Limo's eyes, and he said coldly, "Do not let anyone learn of this matter for now." With that, he strode off. Xie Liu advised Xie Shiyi on a few issues and followed after.

The doctors and nurses along the corridor were stunned by the charms of the Young Master Xie appearing before them and were even more unnerved by him. They held their breaths as they walked past him.